Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I love pizza

If you were to ask me what my favorite food was when I was a kid, my most likely response would be Italian. If you were to ask my what I can eat everyday, it would be pizza. I love eating pizza. I know I don't mention it in as many blog posts, but at them moment and for a while I prefer pizza over hamburgers. I can finish a whole Costco box of pizza in one day. Gosh, I'm getting hungry just talkin about food.

When I was in middle school or high school, I already knew my lunch choice when I was waiting in line for about 10-15 minutes. It was pizza. Well, it was until I started learning how to say sandwiches in French. But anyways, I just love eating pizza. I'm glad that there is a pizza place, conveniently close to wherever I am in America.

I like pizza places in both Davis and Sacramento. I haven't been to every pizza location. But, I won't refuse to try the pizza. I'm going to share some pictures of some pizza places that I have been this past year. However, the pictures do not reflect the number of times I went back to a pizza place.

I'm surprised that I don't have a picture of Pizza Guys. I use to go there a lot during my teenage years. My baby sister loves their garlic bread. That's what she always requested.

Pizza Rock in Sacramento

I really like Pizza Rock. It's on K street in Sacramento. It looks really nice from outside. I was so surprised by place. I love the pizza here. As you can tell from the picture above, the pizza is different from other places and pizza is definitely a specialty. I love the pepperoni part of this pizza. The pepperoni's were crispy and the whole thing tasted just right. I also like the other end that had all these different vegetables. The only part I didn't really like was the middle since I'm not a fan of onions on a pizza. I'm glad that Sacramento has a place like this, especially in Downtown Sacramento it's in need of good businesses like this.

Costco in Sacramento

I love meat on pizza. But, two of my siblings tend to peel the meat off. I eat the meat that they don't eat. In return, they eat the onions. ahahas

Costco in Sacramento

Although only 5 members of the family member actually eats pizza in the household, we have to order two boxes of pizza and in different toppings. Part of that is the pizza will definitely be gone before we all fall asleep at night. There's no such thing as saving when something is good and another one of us is hungry.

Village Bakery in Davis

 I like this place. It's petite, but it also means to it's use to order to go. So, whenever I am in the mood for a slice of pizza that's fast and delicious, I go here. This place has pizza that you can buy from the slice and it doesn't take long to wait if they all run out.

Village Bakery in Davis
I just think that one slice of pizza is not enough. There has to be at least two for me to be content or consider it as a meal.

Ciao at UC Davis coffee house
I really like that this place offers marina sauce. My routine of eating pizza at this place is finish the pizza until all you have is the crust. Then, I dip the crust in the marina sauce. That's actually my favorite part of eating this pizza.

Cafe Roma in Sacramento

I been to Cafe Roma before this year, but I recently tried their pizza. I had participated in a twitter giveaway for pizza, so I finally had the opportunity to try their pizza. When I came to redeem my free pizza, they allowed me to choose the pizza that I wanted to eat. I wanted pepperoni at the moment, so that was my choice. The pepperoni  did not look crispy, but it was and I like that.

Village Pizza and Grill in Davis

I think Village Pizza and Grill is part of Village Bakery. But, Village Pizza and Grill is different since it's a sit down environment that you can order different types of food. I tried the place a while ago and I really like the place. The pizza was delicious. Me and my siblings each had two slices and we were still hungry. We also tried the garlic bread and I think that was the best garlic bread I ever had. yum.

So, it seems that pizza still take the spot as one of my favorite foods to eat. But, I think maybe sandwiches or hamburgers have a shot in the future.

Oh, and I will be getting free pizza tomorrow for a meeting that I will be attending.

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