Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Food My Mom Makes Could Be Expensive.

I never realized that the food that my mom makes could be expensive or rather I never really thought about the price of the dishes she makes. I think she makes a lot of unique dishes or foods that a lot of restaurants of markets don't sell. If it is sold, the places don't give nearly enough as my mom. But, I guess that's always the case when you are comparing the quantity of food served at home from restaurants. For me, servings of food at home are always more than I can get a restaurants.

dont really know the name for this, but I call it, "it"

I didn't think they sold "it" in restaurants or supermarkets. But, I found it at Wing Wa Supermarket. But, they sell one big slice only for a price close to $5 and it didn't even look as good to what my mom could make. I couldn't believe it. When my mom usually made "it", there would be a whole tray that's probably around 24" or more. I'm going to estimate and say I usually ate around about 1/4 of the tray throughout the course of the day without realizing the price of this dish. I did know, however, that "it" took a long time to make. It takes a long to make because the layers are made over time and just can't be thrown together.

Porridge with oysters @ King Palace Restaurant

My father ordered porridge last week when we were eating dim sum. I didn't know he was ordering porridge, but he did. I didn't know why he did that since we were there for the dim sum. I was more surprised about the price of this dish. It was $16.80 from what I remembered. I thought that it was very expensive since I'm used to having this food made at home. Also, since I'm a university student, I'm used to prices being lower than $10. I know it's a big bowl and all, but my mom can make this dish at home! A bowl may look big, but that may only be how it shaped. It might be tricking your eyes. If we split up the porridge among the family members who had the porridge, it's about 3 small bowls max. Not only that, but also she could have added about 2x or more oysters. When my mom makes porridge it's always a big pot full. That means, I (and more members of the family) can eat porridge in a regular size bowl in the morning, afternoon, and evening. All I have to do is heat it up and bon appetit. But, here, with this order of porridge we only have enough porridge for one setting and by that I mean for only one time of the day because it's going to be gone by the time the afternoon rolls around if me and my the rest of my family members have an appetite, which we would have. However, I guess my dad also wanted to save some porridge for our grandfather.

But, then, my mom could have made like 3x more or such than the one at the restaurant. The rice in the porridge tasted somewhat overcooked or something and my mom's porridge never tastes like that. Also, my mom does some things differently, such as putting the green onions on the side, which means we can put as much or little as we like. I think green onion goes well with soups, so I would put a lot, but not too much, so I can enjoy other parts of the soup.

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