Sunday, February 5, 2012

Davis at Night With Trees and Birds

I been wanting to take more pictures of the Davis and UC Davis area. I been having this blog post idea that I been meaning to do, but I haven't found the time to go and take the pictures that I wanted in order to produce that post. But, I do plan on doing it once midterms and papers are done! 

In the meantime, I walked around a area and I noticed the birds that frequently flied by the place and I wanted to see where the birds stayed, if they stayed at all. So, in the pictures below that's where the birds stayed. And, I guess sleep.

The first picture is my favorite out all the other ones in this post. I just really like it for some reason. Maybe it's because you can see birds flying out of the tree. I wanted to capture a lot of birds flying out of a tree, but that was difficult since a lot of birds didn't want to do that. Only a few birds flied out of a tree at a time.
Blue isn't my favorite color, but I actually think it's quite nice and beautiful.
 I always liked looking at views at night and I guess when you take a look at the pictures you can kind of understand why. I think the trees looked really beautiful. And, it's nice to just noticed nature.

 A look at the moon! It looked much bigger in person. Such a lovely sight!

This picture is actually more close to the trees than the other pictures, but I guess it's probably too dark anyways.
The pictures towards the end got really dark and there's not that much I can do about it since I don't have a regular camera and just a camcorder. Also, there was a few lights around the area and that's the best I could get of the trees at the time of the night.
Just looking at the pictures helps me realize the beauty of Davis. I really like trees and sights at night. And, going around for a tour in Davis seems like something I have to do more often because it helps me notice more of the city.

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