Sunday, February 26, 2012

Breakup from University.

I been with you for about four years now.
Before that I also had a four year relationship.
But, I dislike it.
I like you so much more.

Throughout our four years together,
I have learned from you.
I have matured with understanding in life.
I have embraced your different values, cultures, and backgrounds.

There comes a time in life
when I must depart from you
although we have shared
memorable memories of
housemate stories
I need to find my meaning in life
I must go search for opportunities
that will secure me a successful future
which you have greatly prepared me for
and have influenced me to take the journey.

I won't forget you
alma mater.

So, I just felt like making a poem about parting away from school. I guess it's really silly. But, the idea just came out of nowhere and I kept working on it. It's kind of funny actually. I know I haven't graduated yet, but it still reflects a lot of feelings that I have about school.

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