Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big Time Rush Better With U Tour at Sacramento

So, Big Time Rush recently started their Better With U Tour! One of their hotspots for the tour is Sacramento. I found out about the tour really late and bought the tickets last week, so me and my siblings didn't get the best seat. I think we were fortunate to get enough tickets for the four of us.


I'm so glad that Big Time Rush decided to have a stop in Sacramento! They definitely have a lot of fans around the area.

While we were waiting for the show to start, a Big Time Rush balloon flew around the building. It dropped off some goodies. I don't know what kind though. It also came by other times when there were breaks.

The opener for the show was Jackson Guthy. I haven't heard of him before the show. But, I actually really like his singing. I hope he makes it real big!

I was surprised about the next guest at the tour. Jojo performed. I was really surprised. I'm a fan of her too. I remembered a few of her old songs and she performed that, such as Too little, too late. She also performed a disaster. She said that she is going to have a new album soon, so I'm excited about that.

They sang a couple of popular songs, including Boyfriend, Elevate, If I rule the World. They didn't rehearsed well and brought a good show.

If you could see up close in this picture you could notice that there was a crowd towards the middle. Well, that's because the members of Big Time Rush decided to go out in the crowd and sing a bit. They also decided to bring one of the audience members onto the stage and they sang to her.

Big Time Rush definitely brought a good closing to the show. It was an amazing show, concert. What a great way to end my three day weekend.

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