Monday, February 20, 2012

Awesome free stuff

In a previous blog post I have suggested some methods of getting free stuff. My plan for this blog post is to describe how I have received some pretty awesome stuff through those methods that I have subscribed.

I'm not going to make a list of everything that I have received, but of some items to demonstrate the different strategies and how they had worked for me.

1. U-Loop T-shirt
I think one of the first things that I received through twitter was a U-loop t-shirt. I was following U-loop and one day I noticed that a tweet mentioning that there was a chance of winning a t-shirt if a tweet was retweeted. I retweeted the tweet and was later notified that I had won the giveaway. I think it might have been because there wasn't a lot of people who retweeted that tweet.

2. AfterschoolSpecial, Imaginary Zebra T-Shirt
 I met the band, AfterschoolSpecial at UC Davis for a event. I added them on Facebook and follow on twitter. One day, I noticed a Facebook status from there and they were having a contest for a few of the people who liked their page. I can't remember whether it was about liking a status or posting a comment, but it definitely was through Facebook.

3. Hershey's Chocolates
One day, I was looking at the trends on twitter and I noticed one for Hershey's. I clicked on it and discovered that a giveaway was going on. I RSVP for the event and participated. I was also the winner of some chocolate goodies!

4. Tube socks
During my freshmen year, I went to a few football games. Partially because I wanted to do something and go to a game. Another reason was getting the Aggie Pack t-shirt. They also gave away free stuff during the games. One of the most sought out free stuff of the football games is tube sock. During one of the football events, they were throwing tube socks. I really wanted one. One was coming my way. Everyone else around me was reaching for it. One second I thought I had it, but I fell, but I got the tube socks. yes!

5. Carry the One book
From one of the people I follow on twitter, I noticed someone was going to give out a copy of Carry the One to the first 10 people who sent an email. I knew it was already too late to send the email, but I did it anyways. I got an email back and they said they were giving out a book to everyone. I was thrilled and glad that they made that choice!

6. Revlon makeup
One day, I noticed that Modelinia was having a giveaway during the month of December for a couple of weeks. Each day they had a different item to giveaway. They gave away so pretty awesome stuff.

7. Gunnarolla prize pack
I'm a fan of Gunnarolla, who is a youtuber. I'm also a fan of him on Facebook and follow him on twitter. One day he had a Facebook contest, in which, I had to share his Teabagging video. I was chosen by one of his friends and I won a fan pack. I really like the prize because he handwritten something and I always admired his work. 

I can go on with even more examples, but my goal of this blog is to prove that it is possible to get free stuff. I have achieved it through facebook, twitter, and through events. I think the main thing is be open to opportunities. Try different methods of winning free stuff. Just because you didn't one that one time doesn't mean you won't win the second time, next hour, or month. There are many more opportunities, so just be open to your interests and notice those opportunities.

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  1. You've definitely had a nice collection of free stuff! So many contest wins!