Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Food My Mom Makes Could Be Expensive.

I never realized that the food that my mom makes could be expensive or rather I never really thought about the price of the dishes she makes. I think she makes a lot of unique dishes or foods that a lot of restaurants of markets don't sell. If it is sold, the places don't give nearly enough as my mom. But, I guess that's always the case when you are comparing the quantity of food served at home from restaurants. For me, servings of food at home are always more than I can get a restaurants.

dont really know the name for this, but I call it, "it"

I didn't think they sold "it" in restaurants or supermarkets. But, I found it at Wing Wa Supermarket. But, they sell one big slice only for a price close to $5 and it didn't even look as good to what my mom could make. I couldn't believe it. When my mom usually made "it", there would be a whole tray that's probably around 24" or more. I'm going to estimate and say I usually ate around about 1/4 of the tray throughout the course of the day without realizing the price of this dish. I did know, however, that "it" took a long time to make. It takes a long to make because the layers are made over time and just can't be thrown together.

Porridge with oysters @ King Palace Restaurant

My father ordered porridge last week when we were eating dim sum. I didn't know he was ordering porridge, but he did. I didn't know why he did that since we were there for the dim sum. I was more surprised about the price of this dish. It was $16.80 from what I remembered. I thought that it was very expensive since I'm used to having this food made at home. Also, since I'm a university student, I'm used to prices being lower than $10. I know it's a big bowl and all, but my mom can make this dish at home! A bowl may look big, but that may only be how it shaped. It might be tricking your eyes. If we split up the porridge among the family members who had the porridge, it's about 3 small bowls max. Not only that, but also she could have added about 2x or more oysters. When my mom makes porridge it's always a big pot full. That means, I (and more members of the family) can eat porridge in a regular size bowl in the morning, afternoon, and evening. All I have to do is heat it up and bon appetit. But, here, with this order of porridge we only have enough porridge for one setting and by that I mean for only one time of the day because it's going to be gone by the time the afternoon rolls around if me and my the rest of my family members have an appetite, which we would have. However, I guess my dad also wanted to save some porridge for our grandfather.

But, then, my mom could have made like 3x more or such than the one at the restaurant. The rice in the porridge tasted somewhat overcooked or something and my mom's porridge never tastes like that. Also, my mom does some things differently, such as putting the green onions on the side, which means we can put as much or little as we like. I think green onion goes well with soups, so I would put a lot, but not too much, so I can enjoy other parts of the soup.

Breakup from University.

I been with you for about four years now.
Before that I also had a four year relationship.
But, I dislike it.
I like you so much more.

Throughout our four years together,
I have learned from you.
I have matured with understanding in life.
I have embraced your different values, cultures, and backgrounds.

There comes a time in life
when I must depart from you
although we have shared
memorable memories of
housemate stories
I need to find my meaning in life
I must go search for opportunities
that will secure me a successful future
which you have greatly prepared me for
and have influenced me to take the journey.

I won't forget you
alma mater.

So, I just felt like making a poem about parting away from school. I guess it's really silly. But, the idea just came out of nowhere and I kept working on it. It's kind of funny actually. I know I haven't graduated yet, but it still reflects a lot of feelings that I have about school.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big Time Rush Better With U Tour at Sacramento

So, Big Time Rush recently started their Better With U Tour! One of their hotspots for the tour is Sacramento. I found out about the tour really late and bought the tickets last week, so me and my siblings didn't get the best seat. I think we were fortunate to get enough tickets for the four of us.


I'm so glad that Big Time Rush decided to have a stop in Sacramento! They definitely have a lot of fans around the area.

While we were waiting for the show to start, a Big Time Rush balloon flew around the building. It dropped off some goodies. I don't know what kind though. It also came by other times when there were breaks.

The opener for the show was Jackson Guthy. I haven't heard of him before the show. But, I actually really like his singing. I hope he makes it real big!

I was surprised about the next guest at the tour. Jojo performed. I was really surprised. I'm a fan of her too. I remembered a few of her old songs and she performed that, such as Too little, too late. She also performed a disaster. She said that she is going to have a new album soon, so I'm excited about that.

They sang a couple of popular songs, including Boyfriend, Elevate, If I rule the World. They didn't rehearsed well and brought a good show.

If you could see up close in this picture you could notice that there was a crowd towards the middle. Well, that's because the members of Big Time Rush decided to go out in the crowd and sing a bit. They also decided to bring one of the audience members onto the stage and they sang to her.

Big Time Rush definitely brought a good closing to the show. It was an amazing show, concert. What a great way to end my three day weekend.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Awesome free stuff

In a previous blog post I have suggested some methods of getting free stuff. My plan for this blog post is to describe how I have received some pretty awesome stuff through those methods that I have subscribed.

I'm not going to make a list of everything that I have received, but of some items to demonstrate the different strategies and how they had worked for me.

1. U-Loop T-shirt
I think one of the first things that I received through twitter was a U-loop t-shirt. I was following U-loop and one day I noticed that a tweet mentioning that there was a chance of winning a t-shirt if a tweet was retweeted. I retweeted the tweet and was later notified that I had won the giveaway. I think it might have been because there wasn't a lot of people who retweeted that tweet.

2. AfterschoolSpecial, Imaginary Zebra T-Shirt
 I met the band, AfterschoolSpecial at UC Davis for a event. I added them on Facebook and follow on twitter. One day, I noticed a Facebook status from there and they were having a contest for a few of the people who liked their page. I can't remember whether it was about liking a status or posting a comment, but it definitely was through Facebook.

3. Hershey's Chocolates
One day, I was looking at the trends on twitter and I noticed one for Hershey's. I clicked on it and discovered that a giveaway was going on. I RSVP for the event and participated. I was also the winner of some chocolate goodies!

4. Tube socks
During my freshmen year, I went to a few football games. Partially because I wanted to do something and go to a game. Another reason was getting the Aggie Pack t-shirt. They also gave away free stuff during the games. One of the most sought out free stuff of the football games is tube sock. During one of the football events, they were throwing tube socks. I really wanted one. One was coming my way. Everyone else around me was reaching for it. One second I thought I had it, but I fell, but I got the tube socks. yes!

5. Carry the One book
From one of the people I follow on twitter, I noticed someone was going to give out a copy of Carry the One to the first 10 people who sent an email. I knew it was already too late to send the email, but I did it anyways. I got an email back and they said they were giving out a book to everyone. I was thrilled and glad that they made that choice!

6. Revlon makeup
One day, I noticed that Modelinia was having a giveaway during the month of December for a couple of weeks. Each day they had a different item to giveaway. They gave away so pretty awesome stuff.

7. Gunnarolla prize pack
I'm a fan of Gunnarolla, who is a youtuber. I'm also a fan of him on Facebook and follow him on twitter. One day he had a Facebook contest, in which, I had to share his Teabagging video. I was chosen by one of his friends and I won a fan pack. I really like the prize because he handwritten something and I always admired his work. 

I can go on with even more examples, but my goal of this blog is to prove that it is possible to get free stuff. I have achieved it through facebook, twitter, and through events. I think the main thing is be open to opportunities. Try different methods of winning free stuff. Just because you didn't one that one time doesn't mean you won't win the second time, next hour, or month. There are many more opportunities, so just be open to your interests and notice those opportunities.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Differences in what you study

Throughout my university experience, I have been repeatedly asked "what's your major?". I have also asked this question many times when I meet new people. My major is History and Asian American Studies (ASA). I remembered one time someone asked me if ASA was easy since I'm Asian. I have thought about this question and the answer that I keep going back to is that ASA was harder than History.

I felt that I understood the readings for my history courses more easily than the reading for my ASA courses. The concepts that I learned in ASA were mostly new, whereas I was more exposed and knowledgeable about history terms and concepts. I didn't have previous exposure to ASA terms and/or concepts in my previous education. In addition, I found myself more likely to not understand the readings from my ASA courses than my history courses.

I also thought of something else. I haven't ever been asked if United States history was easy for me. I lived in the United States my whole life and have been exposed to the history in so many ways. I learned about United States history through the History channel, books, discussions, and throughout my classes ever since I was in elementary school. That said, the history that I have learned have been very specific to a certain criteria and people of the United States. I'm glad that I have taken classes of interest during university to know more about a history that I was taught not previously taught. It also makes me want to know more histories of other backgrounds that I have little to no understanding of, which includes Canadian history, Russian history, and many more.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My guide to getting free stuff

I didn't think about it much until I entered university, but I love getting free stuff. I really do. It's fun. I learned about more ways to get free stuff through my years and I have some recommendations. I will elaborate more on free stuff I have gained and how that happened on a blog post that is currently in work in progress.


1) Attend events on campus
-I have received free stuff from the different fairs on the quad, sport games, The Buzz, and so on.

2) Be involved in a club, program, or organization
-Once in a while, there will be potlucks, so free food. Some clubs might offer free stuff, such as stickers, blue books, or pens.

3) Whenever there's a line, check it out!
-If there is a line for something, it's worth the wait. Sometimes it's free stuff or something awesome.
-Also, it's the same situation in which you see a lot of people with the same item around campus during the same time period.

Social Media

What I didn't expect, however, was that I can get free stuff through social media websites. I have gotten free stuff from both Facebook and Twitter. But, how did this happen?

1) Follow/Like companies or celebrities of interest.
-Sometimes they feel like rewarding their followers and it's nice to receive stuff from companies or celebrities, especially if you are fan.

2) Follow/Like hosts of twitter parties/chats
-@Resourcefulmom, @busymommymedia are just a couple of twitter hosts of twitter parties, which usually include awesome free stuff! You can check out their website to see if they have any other giveaways coming up or in their blogs.

3) Pay attention to the tweet timeline or updated statuses!
 -Know about opportunities, so you can participate and receive!
 -You find about about most contests, twitter parties, or promotions through tweets.

4) Check out the latest trends!
-A lot of the times, the trends on twitter may just be random fan stuff or about the latest news, but it could also be about winning a prize. Some companies promote themselves and they might have a top or promoted tweet of a giveaway.
-Also, if you check out some hashtags or trends, you might notice opportunities for popular twitter hosts or giveways.

Other Tips:

1) Do those surveys!
-There's Harris Poll and other survey sites, in which, you can receive free stuff after accumulating enough points for a certain prize.
-You might get a notice from emails asking you to participate and they might offer a gift card to a place you like.
-Some businesses online may have a survey you can take online or a link to it on your receipt and it might be to get something free!

2) Check your email!
-Your listservs, colleagues, or friends may know of a great opportunity for you. They might provide you information about events or surveys that might provide something free.

3) Apply for those samples!
Sometimes companies provide free samples of their products. So, if you ever feel that you want to try a product, check out their website or whatever and ask for a sample.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I love pizza

If you were to ask me what my favorite food was when I was a kid, my most likely response would be Italian. If you were to ask my what I can eat everyday, it would be pizza. I love eating pizza. I know I don't mention it in as many blog posts, but at them moment and for a while I prefer pizza over hamburgers. I can finish a whole Costco box of pizza in one day. Gosh, I'm getting hungry just talkin about food.

When I was in middle school or high school, I already knew my lunch choice when I was waiting in line for about 10-15 minutes. It was pizza. Well, it was until I started learning how to say sandwiches in French. But anyways, I just love eating pizza. I'm glad that there is a pizza place, conveniently close to wherever I am in America.

I like pizza places in both Davis and Sacramento. I haven't been to every pizza location. But, I won't refuse to try the pizza. I'm going to share some pictures of some pizza places that I have been this past year. However, the pictures do not reflect the number of times I went back to a pizza place.

I'm surprised that I don't have a picture of Pizza Guys. I use to go there a lot during my teenage years. My baby sister loves their garlic bread. That's what she always requested.

Pizza Rock in Sacramento

I really like Pizza Rock. It's on K street in Sacramento. It looks really nice from outside. I was so surprised by place. I love the pizza here. As you can tell from the picture above, the pizza is different from other places and pizza is definitely a specialty. I love the pepperoni part of this pizza. The pepperoni's were crispy and the whole thing tasted just right. I also like the other end that had all these different vegetables. The only part I didn't really like was the middle since I'm not a fan of onions on a pizza. I'm glad that Sacramento has a place like this, especially in Downtown Sacramento it's in need of good businesses like this.

Costco in Sacramento

I love meat on pizza. But, two of my siblings tend to peel the meat off. I eat the meat that they don't eat. In return, they eat the onions. ahahas

Costco in Sacramento

Although only 5 members of the family member actually eats pizza in the household, we have to order two boxes of pizza and in different toppings. Part of that is the pizza will definitely be gone before we all fall asleep at night. There's no such thing as saving when something is good and another one of us is hungry.

Village Bakery in Davis

 I like this place. It's petite, but it also means to it's use to order to go. So, whenever I am in the mood for a slice of pizza that's fast and delicious, I go here. This place has pizza that you can buy from the slice and it doesn't take long to wait if they all run out.

Village Bakery in Davis
I just think that one slice of pizza is not enough. There has to be at least two for me to be content or consider it as a meal.

Ciao at UC Davis coffee house
I really like that this place offers marina sauce. My routine of eating pizza at this place is finish the pizza until all you have is the crust. Then, I dip the crust in the marina sauce. That's actually my favorite part of eating this pizza.

Cafe Roma in Sacramento

I been to Cafe Roma before this year, but I recently tried their pizza. I had participated in a twitter giveaway for pizza, so I finally had the opportunity to try their pizza. When I came to redeem my free pizza, they allowed me to choose the pizza that I wanted to eat. I wanted pepperoni at the moment, so that was my choice. The pepperoni  did not look crispy, but it was and I like that.

Village Pizza and Grill in Davis

I think Village Pizza and Grill is part of Village Bakery. But, Village Pizza and Grill is different since it's a sit down environment that you can order different types of food. I tried the place a while ago and I really like the place. The pizza was delicious. Me and my siblings each had two slices and we were still hungry. We also tried the garlic bread and I think that was the best garlic bread I ever had. yum.

So, it seems that pizza still take the spot as one of my favorite foods to eat. But, I think maybe sandwiches or hamburgers have a shot in the future.

Oh, and I will be getting free pizza tomorrow for a meeting that I will be attending.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week #2 in February

This was a very busy week for me.

On Monday, I had an internship meeting. I went by pretty quickly. Afterwards, I worked on creating a master email list. This internship seems pretty chill, but I think it's going to get more busy when the day of the festival approaches!

I had a paper due Tuesday and I was almost done on Monday night. Just needed to edit it. However, I had another paper due on Wednesday. And, I didn't do much preparation for that paper. So, I tried to finish my paper on Tuesday first before Wednesdays. I thought that I wouldn't like Wednesdays this quarter because I have classes for about 5 hours straight. But, it's Tuesdays that I enjoy less. On Tuesdays, I have to spend the night preparing for discussions, readings, and assignments for my classes on Wednesday. When Wednesday finally approaches, it's actually pretty quick and that kind of surprises me.

I had my other internship meeting on Wednesday. It was picture day, so we had to dress up nice. Well, at least from the top. I like dressing nice, but most of my professional clothes are summer focused. I don't have a lot of coats or pants. I mostly have several skirts and blouses. We also chose a design cover for the publication next year, but it's still going to be edited further. Also, for the internship I supported the first fundraiser at Ali Baba's by just mentioning APIA Searchlight Directory.

hamburger @ Ali Babas

french fries with ketchup @ Ali Babas

 On Wednesday and Thursday night, I prepared for my midterm on Friday. I skipped a lot of interesting meetings to study. When Friday approached, I was really nervous because I certainly didn't study enough. There was so much more I should have taken in and known. I came to my first class on Friday exhausted as always. I don't know what it is, but I always feel exhausted in that class. But, I still manage to take my notes. After that class, I went to take my midterm. When I got in, the students were immediately told to take the blue book out, so that we could start promptly. And, the professor had a timer, so the class would know when we could all start. I think he was the first professor to have a timer go off for a midterm to start. We had 50 minutes to finish the midterm. I could have used more time, but I finished the midterm with what I could have said. Now, I just have one more midterm to go!

On Friday, I really wanted to watch Underworld. But, it wasn't showing anywhere in Davis anymore. My next choice was The Vow. I knew it was going to be very popular this weekend and probably make #1, especially with Valentine's Day coming up. But, first, me and my housemate decided to eat and we went to Hoa Viet Restaurant. My housemate got the seafood noodle soup. I was in the mood for beef vermicelli, so that's what I got.

seafood noodle soup

beef vermicelli
finished beef vermicelli

Yes, I finished my vermicelli. Well, there's a tinsy part of the sauce in the bottom and a few vegetables. But, I didn't want to lick the bowl at the moment.

After we finished eating dinner, we headed over to watch the 7:45 screening for The Vow. I went to the parking garage and had to drive all up to the third floor. When we got downstairs to buy the tickets for The Vow, I noticed that a sign that said the tickets were sold out for the 7:45 showing. I was sad since we could have bought the tickets before dinner and we could have watched the movie. Also, I really wanted to watch a movie that evening.

When me and my housemate were on our way back to our apartment, we decided to go to the ARC. While we were there we found out about the gymnastics game and decided to go. However, we only made it to see UC Davis in the floor exercise. We were playing against Oregon state and Sacramento State. We ended up placing in third out of the three. And, we were only behind Sacramento State by about 2 points. Oh, so close!

Today, I really wanted to go to the Davis Farmers Market. I went last time, but I didn't get anything. But, today, I got a pretzel, chocolate croissant, and kernel popcorn. I was so close to getting apple juice, but didn't.

Davis Farmers Market

I like the Davis Farmers market. People of all ages and backgrounds are in one spot to support local businesses or goods. Also, some businesses allow you to try samples. There was this one business that had cheese samples. I love cheese sampling. Also, when I try samples, it allows me to try something new that I haven't tried before.

Davis Farmers Market

Davis Farmers Market

pretzel, kettle popcorn, and chocolate croissant

The croissant was yummy. It was very soft and definitely tasted like a pastry. It wasn't very flaky, so I like that. When I got the kettle corn, the person asked if I would like it tied. But, then, I saw the person ahead of me had it tied, but also lost some popcorn in the process. I wanted more popcorn, so I decided to eat some before closing it. I haven't tried the pretzel, but I hope I will like it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

UC Davis is a beautiful forest

I finally got around to finishing this blog post. I had this idea for weeks. The theme of this post is that "it continues". What is it that continues? It's the trees and when you take a look at the pictures you can notice that I focused on how there's no end to it. You can walk around UC Davis and notice a lot of these at various sights on campus. Also, it's just nice to sit or lay down and notice the beautiful sights around you.

Me @ the arboretum with ducks

This blog post is inspired by my friend, Chen. It's inspired by her because I remembered we had a discussion about the UC campuses one day and she said " I don't like Davis because it has too many trees. It reminds me of a forest." Although I discussed this topic with Chen over a year ago, and she might not even remember discussing this topic with me, but I tend to remember things that are of interest to me. She helped me look at Davis at a new perspective and realize that the trees are a part of the campus beauty.

This post is also inspired by the scenery that UC Davis has to offer and what it does for the community. It's nice having a lot of trees around, so you can have awesome amounts of shade and notice the beautiful shades of the trees. There's the arboretum. Then, there are those trees that are all around campus. Some people may have noticed that the UC Davis campus has a lot of trees, which was something I hadn't really thought about until I explored other campuses and when Chen pointed it out. Some may have noticed how the trees tended to shine with beauty when the sun is out. Then, there are those who notice the rich color that the trees have, especially if you have on some sunglasses (that are polarized) or look at the sights through some nice lenses (camera? eyesight?) or light.

Activities & Recreation Center (ARC) parking lot

I know I have focused mainly on the beauty of when you look at trees you notice the different types of colors the leaves have, especially with nice lighting or lenses. But, there's also a beauty to those trees who don't always have leaves, such as in the image above. I walk by this area almost everyday. Until recently, I hadn't notice how many trees surround this area since there's not that much shade when it's quite sunny. But, look, there are a lot of trees in this parking lot.

Next to housing office and ARC
This pictures differs from the other ones in how trees are not all divided and leading to a place in between. However, the picture still provides the idea that there are a lot of trees and it continues. And, from this picture you can't really tell when the trees will end. There's a lot in this area. This is also the part of the campus that I believed most resembled a forest.

Behind the ARC and in front of the Student Health Center
Between Russell Park and Student Health Center
Tercero Dormitory parking lot
Between Hoagland and Storer Hall and leads to downtown

Between Everson & Art Building and directing the way to Mrak Hall.

Between west quad and Hart Hall and directed to Hunt Hall.
In the middle of the quad and directed towards Haring Hall
Between East quad and the South & North Hall and directed towards Hickey gym.
I hope the pictures provided you an understanding of the theme, "it continues". There's trees all over the UC Davis campus. I only covered the parts where I frequent regularly. Also, when I look at the pictures I think that as long as I continue through this path, the trees will continue to be there leading to the path.

 Do you notice a pattern or something unique about what I posted or have a different perspective of the UC Davis campus?

Although UC Davis has a lot of trees, the campus offers much than trees and shouldn't be noted particularly for their trees. I particularly chose to focus on the different sights of trees on campus to signify the beauty of trees.There are so many other spots and sights of the campus that I haven't even mentioned yet. It's also about discovering UC Davis through your own lenses or perspective. So, why not take a break and notice the beauty of nature around you. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Change in Thoughts of Subway

Until my senior year, I wasn't a big fan of subway. I didn't like it because a few friends didn't have good experiences at one of them. But, I guess my siblings had influenced me to like Subway more. My brothers favorite restaurant is Subway because you can get a Foot-long sandwich for around $5. My siblings also like putting as much in the sandwich as they can and I guess the sandwich is big enough for them. Both my middle sister and brother always finish a foot-long sandwich in one setting. For me, most of the time I would finish half of it and eat the rest later. I could finish it all if I wanted too, but then, I want to have it for another meal. I went to Subway on Saturday and I think I ordered the Chicken & Ranch sandwich and it's "FebruANY" Month, so any sandwich is $5 except for the premium ones. I think that whenever I eat Subway sandwiches I just eat because I am hungry. I usually don't think about how good it tastes, rather, it's just about eating that sandwich.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Davis at Night With Trees and Birds

I been wanting to take more pictures of the Davis and UC Davis area. I been having this blog post idea that I been meaning to do, but I haven't found the time to go and take the pictures that I wanted in order to produce that post. But, I do plan on doing it once midterms and papers are done! 

In the meantime, I walked around a area and I noticed the birds that frequently flied by the place and I wanted to see where the birds stayed, if they stayed at all. So, in the pictures below that's where the birds stayed. And, I guess sleep.

The first picture is my favorite out all the other ones in this post. I just really like it for some reason. Maybe it's because you can see birds flying out of the tree. I wanted to capture a lot of birds flying out of a tree, but that was difficult since a lot of birds didn't want to do that. Only a few birds flied out of a tree at a time.
Blue isn't my favorite color, but I actually think it's quite nice and beautiful.
 I always liked looking at views at night and I guess when you take a look at the pictures you can kind of understand why. I think the trees looked really beautiful. And, it's nice to just noticed nature.

 A look at the moon! It looked much bigger in person. Such a lovely sight!

This picture is actually more close to the trees than the other pictures, but I guess it's probably too dark anyways.
The pictures towards the end got really dark and there's not that much I can do about it since I don't have a regular camera and just a camcorder. Also, there was a few lights around the area and that's the best I could get of the trees at the time of the night.
Just looking at the pictures helps me realize the beauty of Davis. I really like trees and sights at night. And, going around for a tour in Davis seems like something I have to do more often because it helps me notice more of the city.