Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week in Review

Monday was Martin Luther King's Jr Day. There was no class, so two classes were not held. I did not do much that day except come back to Davis since I was in Sacramento for the weekend.

On Tuesday, I had my one class and a internship meeting. I helped entered more films into the database and entered all of the ones available. Did not do much this day, except tried to do most of my reading of the other day.

On Wednesday, I had a seminar at 9am and I set my alarm for it. But, my alarm did  not go off. Luckily, I heard one of my housemates getting ready to leave or such. I  a intern meeting for APIA. The day actually went by pretty quickly actually.

On Thursday, I was going to go to one of the meetings. But, it was raining, so I did not want to leave my apartment. I also think that I enjoy my religion class. At first I didn't think it would be interesting, but I really like the readings and discussions.

On Friday, I really didn't do much except went to class and tried to get all my books that I need this quarter.

On Saturday, I went to Redrum Burger. Then, I got ready to go back to Sacramento.

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