Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tommy J's

During the weekend, I really craved soup. Actually, I still want soup. Yet, I still decided to go to another burger place this weekend. It's called Tommy J's. I went in right when it opened. From what I noticed, it seems like the people in there were in the late 20-40s, including the people who worked there. It's also a bar, so some other people came in and they seemed like regulars.

On the day I went, they had a special for clam chowder. But, I decided not to order it since it wasn't going to come with a bread bowl. I just can't enjoy clam chowder without the bread bowl. It's not the same experience. Anyways, I ordered The Cheeseburger. Since this place isn't as "fast" as other burger places, it's also different in how the burger is prepared. The server asked me how I wanted it and I said medium. I like that they didn't put the whole sandwich together. That gives me the option of putting what I like the in the hamburger. Their fries are those simple ones and I don't think they prepared the fries themselves other than deep frying it. I finished the cheeseburger. I ate a few fries too, but I didn't want to finish the fries in one setting. I saved the fries for later and it got soggy. The fries lost a lot of its flavor after a while.

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