Sunday, January 15, 2012

Study Abroad Potluck Reunion

I had a potluck reunion for my 2010 study abroad group in Hangzhou, China yesterday. I planned the event, but I was more excited to see those familiar faces again. A couple of hours before the event I had no idea what I would bring or if I would make anything. I decided to go to the supermarket to see what they have. When I first walked in I noticed the bakery items; then, the hot foods that are ready to eat, and then chips and candy. I walked around for a bit. I was so close to buying the marinated chicken since all I would have to do is turn them around until they are done.Then, I had the idea of making spaghetti. I dont know how to make a lot of food actually, but spaghetti is something me and most of my family members knows how to make. I did not know how much of the spaghetti people were going to eat, but I bought one of those party trays. I bought double of everything except for the ground beef, but after I made the dish I realized that I should have bought another one of that too. After I finished making the dish I had to quickly get ready to pick up three other people. However, one of them didnt need a ride there, but only back. After I finished picking up the two people, I received a phone call and was going to ignore it because I was driving. But, I told one of my friends to answer the phone and it turns out that someone needs a ride in Sacramento.

When we arrived at Professor Burnett's place.Three of the other students were there and didnt start eating yet. Soon, the other guest arrived and we began eating. While we ate we caught up with each other. It was nice actually. I enjoyed some of the food that the others brought. For dessert, someone brought apple pie, but I am actually not a fan of fruit pies, so I did not want to eat anyone of the pie. Before we left, we helped Professor Burnett with cleaning up a bit. I got someone to bring home the tray of spaghetti I made. We also had a group hug before everyone left!

When I was taking a few of my classmate back home we had a pretty interesting conversation. I also visited one of their apartments and tried out the "game chair". The "game chair" is this chair in which you sit and you could feel the vibe of it through the chair. Its nice because it can feel like a massage and goes with the beats of the song.

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