Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Say NO to Food

What foods, desserts, or drinks do you say no to and why? By that I mean, saying no to a certain dish, cuisine, or a someone's cooking, etc. Well, sometimes I find myself saying no for various reasons.

I know many people like getting to the dessert part of the meal. But, sometimes that's the part of the meal I skip. It really depends on my mood or if I think I can consume the desserts. Last week, during a potluck reunion, apple pie was being given to everyone. But, I then realized that I couldn't consume it. I know it may not look like a lot, but I eat desserts differently than I eat foods. I take my time eating desserts to enjoy the taste and a small piece can take me forever to finish. So, a slice of pie isn't exactly for me. I tried eating other fruit pies, but I always stop myself from finishing it. Chicken pot pie, on the other hand is a different circumstance for me.

Sometimes, I see a microwavable good at the grocery store and I get excited to eat it and once I try it, I notice that the dish has a strong garlic flavor. Once I realize that the flavor of garlic is too unappetizing, I no longer want to eat the dish. It's actually kind of sad actually. I really have tried to eat some pasta or other dishes that are flavored with garlic, but I just cant stand it. In other words, I really cant stand most garlic dishes, but there are some exceptions.

I'm always looking forward to trying new cuisines. Most of the opportunities that I get to try other cuisines are either at restaurants or potlucks. And of course I prefer potlucks. I know some people who refuse to eat a certain cuisine, like Thai, Indian, or Japanese. I would ask why and a few times the response is "I never had it before". That is where I differ, what I don't know or haven't had is what I shouldn't avoid. It's what I want to explore and welcome to my taste bugs.

There are dishes that my parents or someone else would make and I would chose not to eat. I would take a look at it and decide if I want to eat it. By that I mean, is there a ingredient I cant stand? It is also based on what I have learned tastes good. Will this person make it as good as I like it?

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