Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pho Anh Duc East West Cafe

My sisters wanted to eat pho, so I was okay with it and off we went to get pho. We wanted to try a new place, so we went to Pho Anh Duc East West Cafe restaurant on Stockton boulevard. I think it used to be Pho Trinh. That place is a family business. There were a few young ones on a laptop and older ones watching the football game. I noticed that one of our waitress there was someone I could have possibly known in high school, but didn't really talk to. At first, I didn't notice her until I looked her in the eye. 
You notice that extra small bowl there next to my baby sister? Well, she has a small extra bowl because we are sharing with her. We ordered extra noodles for her because I always think that there's not enough noodles in our bowls.

Pho Ga (chicken)
I always order the Pho Ga although I also like steak tenderloins and other meats. When I ordered here they gave me the choice of white or dark meat. I choose white meat because it's the better meat, especially with soup. The meat they give me here is different and it seemed old. Other places would give me chicken meat that might include the skin that is cut off a whole piece of chicken, so you know that chicken is fresh or not that old.
Seafood Soup
As you can notice the noodle is all stuck together or in one place in that bowl of soup. I guess they didn't want to spread out the noodles. Their noodles weren't the best, but it's pho.

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