Friday, January 13, 2012

My First Week of Winter Quarter

School came by so quickly. I definitely was not prepared. On Monday, I thought that my class was at 1:00pm, but I double checked ahead of time and realized that it was at 12pm. Luckily, I did not miss out going to my first class. Afterwards, I had a internship meeting for Davis Feminist Film Festival (DFFF). The internship supervisor went through a review and showed me some of my duties. It also included being in charge of the email. I then began working on the database and filing the dvds. After an hour, we discussed meeting times and internship units. Later, I left and got ready to head out to my volunteer meeting for TUTD. When I got there, there was pizza offered and it seemed very busy since we had much to do that day. We were choosing the winners for the Hackademy awards! I also got a hoodie that night because I reviewed 5+ movies or so? I was assigned to watch Contraband that night and I was excited to watch a movie nonetheless.

This day was much less stressful. I decided to drop that one class that I did not have a change getting into. Instead, I met with my adviser to check my major requirements. Then, it was time to attend class. During class, the professor did not go through the syllabus as much as I expected. I signed up to learn more about Students First and the meeting was that night. I am glad that I went. StudentsFirst sounds like something I really support and I am glad to hear that they are hiring!


I tried to sleep early the night before this day because I knew that I had a three hour seminar ahead of me. I never had a class that long before. When the time for the seminar arrived it was not that bad. Maybe next time it will go on slower or I will be very prepared that it will go on quickly. This is also my busy day and I had two other classes. After my courses I tried to relax a bit. I had a sudden craving for a cookie, so I had that with milk. Gosh, that is such a good combination. I had a internship meeting that night for APIA Searchlight. I thought I knew exactly where the place was, but there was actually two lounges. Luckily, me and the other person that was lost found the place. The co-editors fed us and we also had the opportunity to mingles with the other interns. Judging from who was present, the interns seem to be entirely female.That is a good thing, but I also enjoy the presence of the other gender. Our committees were also revealed that night through which color Starburst our cupcakes had. And, I am part of the marketing committee, so I believed I got the first committee that I applied for. We played a game and it was actually pretty fun. We tried to steal keys from a blind taxi driver and then the driver had to guess who stole the keys.

I think I got in the hang of classes by now. I also met with my peer adviser for ASA. I realized that I have to petition to double major and for something else. I also got more books. And, boy are my books are heavy! I did not even buy all of them too! I skipped a meeting and I am glad that I did. It gave me opportunity to focus on one of the readings that I had.

Two classes today and they went by pretty quickly, despite me being exhausted for some reason. For dinner, me and my housemate went to Manna Korean restaurant. Then, we looked for the lotion that my housemate needed at Bath & Body Works, but they did not have it in stores. We went to watch Contraband. It was a really long movie.

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