Monday, January 9, 2012

My First Visit to Wing Stop

Before I began winter quarter, me and my cousin went to Wing Stop after a day of potlucking and going to Target. We weren't really hungry, but we wanted to do something and Wing Stop was one of those places that was open late. Although Wing Stop is open late, it was the only space that was open in the plaza. I didn't know it at first, but in order to enter the building you had to be buzzed in. I'm glad that they have that, it makes it much safer.

Teriyaki boneless wings
Since it was my first time there I was not sure what to order. I stuck with a sauce that I thought would be good and got honey BBQ (I believe) and my cousin ordered teriyaki sauce. I really didn't like the teriyaki sauce. I tried one and I didn't want anymore. Good thing they also gave us ranch. I guess ranch can go with more food than I thought. My mind wasn't thinking at the moment and I got boneless wings. After eating the wings I realized that we should have gotten wings with bones because those usually taste better and with those you usually know its from a chicken and not processed however many times.

BBQ boneless wings
We had 10 wings total. I probably had like 3 or 4 and I let my cousin have the rest. But, she couldn't finish it all. She left one piece behind. Oh, and we also shared drinks while we were there. They have a advanced soda machine that I really like and kind of want to play with. I really like Fanta Fruit Punch soda. It's tasty.
Fanta Fruit Punch soda

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