Friday, January 13, 2012

Manna Korean BBQ

Today, me and my roommate decided to go to Manna Korean BBQ. This Korean place is less likely to be occupied by students than Oshio's. This place offers other selections that Oshio's does not have, especially the BBQ choices. However, if I was really in the mood for Korean BBQ I would go to OZ since its BBQ buffet.

I was so close to ordering wine at this place. But then, I remembered that I was going to watch a film afterward and I was reviewing it too. I was also going to drive later. I ended ordering just the lemonade.
 The side orders that they gave us seemed alright. I actually would try every single side dish that was given. Usually, I would not want any of them. But, as I am exposed to other foods and give it more of a try, I realized that the side dishes are okay. With my meal, it added a feeling that my main dish was much better and that I still have something else to eat.
I was given one small bowl of rice. I didnt know if I was going to get a extra one or not, but that whole bowl of rice lasted me with the meat I had. Maybe its the way I strategically eat knowing that I only had one bowl of rice and I must use that amount to finish the BBQ short ribs.
Spicy Cold noodles
 My housemate ordered the Spicy Cold noodles I believe. She did not think it was spicy, but she presumed to eat her noodles. Her noodles looked red, but I guess thats just from the spicy sauce. Her dish actually looked delicious.
Yup, that's my short rib. When the server came with the short ribs, it was still sizzling. I love that! It feels exciting when you know that your meat is still cooking. The short ribs tasted alright. I actually expected it too taste better because it came out sizzling.It looks a lot in first sight, but as I continued to eat along it did not seem like enough and I finished.

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