Monday, January 30, 2012

The Grey

Yesterday night, I watched The Grey. I decided to show up to the 10:10 showing since I didn't want to sit around a lot of people and annoy them if I had to write during the film. However, there were more people than I expected for a late showing. Maybe it was because we were in the small room. It could have been because they are a fan of Liam Neeson. Perhaps, it was because it was the second day that the film was released.

I looked at a couple of trailers before watching the movie and thought there couldn't be any tobacco in the film, but there was tobacco. When Ottway (Liam Neeson) first entered into the room where all the other guys where you can immediately notice the type of people he is surrounded with. In that room, there were men fighting with each other, hanging out, and someone who smoked cigarettes while Ottway walked by. I was especially surprised when someone started smoking a cigarette after they were hunted by wolves. I mean, a lot of resources aren't available to them and they are out in the woods and someone has to bust out a cigarette out of somewhere. I did not know the name of the character who smoked until much later in the film. On IMDB, it says his name his Hendrick (Pete). However, later on in the film he reveals his real name to Diaz when Diaz decides to stay and enjoy the view. So, it was Pete who enjoyed puffs of cigarette with his buddies in a camp fire. Since he enjoyed cigarettes in that manner, he portrayed cigarettes as a way to provide him relaxation and to get rid of some tension.

I like how Ottway decided to collect the wallets of everyone that had one. I think that is a good way to help remember those who died or were murdered. It flowed with what happened in the movie and became a symbol in the movie.

This movie provided me an interest in wolves, such as how to avoid them and how they interact in case I ever get caught in a similar situation as Ottway. But, I think the film, African Cats got me more interested in animals and their behaviors. 

I heard someone say "oh really?" when the end showed. I understand what that person meant because I think things could have gotten more exciting in the film at that particular moment. But, I think the film ended in a way that makes sense. I agree with the ending because although it's not the way he wanted things to happen, it was a way to connect and remember something valuable about his past. I don't want to give out the details of what happened in the end though.

The movie went by pretty quickly for being a movie that is an 1 hour and 57 minutes long. After the movie, I walked out and I heard a few "good" comments and no other comments.

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