Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

The New Year had already began. And, now it's Chinese New Year. For me, Chinese New Year has always been more exciting than New Years.
During the New Year, my mom makes and buy special foods. Zhong is one of them. For a lot of families, you have a big delicious feast during the New Year. I like that.
My mom is making zhong. She already made hers, but she is helping a relative. It's a lot of work to make zhong. As you can see you have to do a lot of preparations before you begin to wrap it. Wrapping zhong really isn't easy. You have to hold it tight enough not to let everything else fall off.
This is what we have to offer for Chinese New Years. This isn't for us, it's for our ancestors to enjoy. In that tray, there's all kind of snacks and candy. There's fruit roll up, Ferror Rocher, panda snacks, oranges, and more. I saw my mom dropped some Hershey's in there, but she took it out. I think it was because it had a black wrapping and I guess that's not good.
I always looked forward to Chinese New Year because of 红包 (red envelope)。It's exciting to see how much we would get each year. It's also nice because the red envelopes are how young ones get money. I got two when I was home on Sunday, so hopefully when I come home there will be more waiting for me.

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