Thursday, January 26, 2012


I remembered watching the trailer for Carnage a couple of months ago. I didn't think that movie was exciting since it is just parents arguing with each other about their children.Then, the parents start to get angry with one another.

Although I wouldn't have chosen to watch Carnage, I just came back from watching that movie. I was actually suppose to watch that movie a couple of weeks ago, but it was not showing in the area. I think it was this week when they started to show the movie more widely. But, I still had to drive to Sacramento and go to Tower since that was the closest place that played the movie. The other place was in Roseville, which is much farther and I don't really know where the theater is that area.

After watching Carnage, the movie was what I expected. I really wanted the Cowens to leave the Longstreet home. Each time the Cowens tried to leave they were convinced to go back and for ridiculous reasons. I really hoped that they would leave the home, but I guess they were stuck there trying to resolve a problem or create more problems for themselves. Things seemed alright with the couples in the beginning of the film, then, after staying longer the couples became more frustrated with one another.

I reviewed the movie for volunteering. From what I had seen in the trailers, I didn't think there would be any tobacco, but there was and it was cigars. I did not seem that they were lighted though. The husband, Michael Longstreet (John C. Reily) actually offered cigars to the other husband, Alan Cowen (Christoph Waltz), but Cowen didn't take a cigar. After showing Cowen the cigars, Longstreet takes one and holds one around. But, he doesn't light the cigar. He puts it in his mouth and holds it like he wants to smoke it, but he doesn't smoke since his wife opposed smoking in the house. I don't understand his need for holding a cigar, but he does choose to hold it after things became stressful. I think he just wanted to use the cigar as a way to escape the negativity in the room since he seems to be a positive and humorous guy.

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