Friday, January 27, 2012

A busy, but good week

On Monday, I realized how behind I was in schoolwork, so I spent most of the day trying to catch up. I also had an intern meeting for Davis Feminist Film Festival (DFFF). It was nice since I got to meet the other interns and know more about the projects that DFFF was planning to do. I really want to write more about Monday, but I forgot what I did. I guess I should do a write up at the end of each day.

On Tuesday, I was going to do some reading before class started and I spotted one of my friends. She asked me if I wanted to go to the MU to get something to eat. I decided to go with her, but I didn't get anything to eat. I didn't want to eat anything since it was so close to my class time. My friend got a egg salad bagel and she let me try it. I like it! Afterwards, she went to visit her tai chi teacher and I just tagged alone. Her teacher was nice and said happy new year to us both. Also, Stephanie saw me and talked with me a bit. During class, my professor shows some pictures with his lectures and I think that really hopes bring some context to what he is saying.

On Wednesday, I woke up a little early and I made it to the MU to get a egg salad bagel. I didn't finish it though. So after my three hour class, I ate it before my second class began. When I went to my third class that day, I did not feel that tired. Actually, I think that I enjoy my third class, so maybe that's why I feel energetic in there. I had my internship meeting for APIA Searchlight Directory in the evening. There was a new person added to the marketing committee and it is a guy. Yay, for more diversity. The intern meeting was pretty fun. Oh and before the meeting, I just took pictures around the death star. It was pretty dark and my camcorder has bad lighting. I actually tried to make it look more visible by being near the light.

On Thursday, it was not that busy, except, having to go to Tower theater right after my class ended. I was really hungry, but I did not want to go later and wait for the next showing. That would have been inconvenient overall. The movie was what I expected, except for the cigars. After I came back home, I felt very exhausted and slept early.

Today, I had a meeting with my History adviser to petition to double major. I think that was really helpful since it helped me realize that I am closer to graduating than I thought. It helped clarified some things I was confused about. In other news, I got an email to pick up the Human Rights Journal that I submitted a poem for a couple of months ago. It's the first publication and I believe it is an annual journal.  I was excited! As I looked through the book, I noticed that there was only 10 contributors and I am one of them. I asked about how the journal was dispersed and the person was not sure, but said that contributors and faculty would be provided a copy of the journal. However, I was curious on how it would be distributed to students on campus or not.

I submitted 5 poems regarding human rights issues."Give me Water" was the piece that was chosen. My contribution was the shortest, as it was less than a page. As you can see in the description, the poems is about child labor and what conditions children have to go through just to finish a job.

I really wanted some ice cream today. I was craving Ben & Jerry's, so I went there. And, yes, I got chocolate. I usually don't give other flavors a chance.

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