Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tommy J's

During the weekend, I really craved soup. Actually, I still want soup. Yet, I still decided to go to another burger place this weekend. It's called Tommy J's. I went in right when it opened. From what I noticed, it seems like the people in there were in the late 20-40s, including the people who worked there. It's also a bar, so some other people came in and they seemed like regulars.

On the day I went, they had a special for clam chowder. But, I decided not to order it since it wasn't going to come with a bread bowl. I just can't enjoy clam chowder without the bread bowl. It's not the same experience. Anyways, I ordered The Cheeseburger. Since this place isn't as "fast" as other burger places, it's also different in how the burger is prepared. The server asked me how I wanted it and I said medium. I like that they didn't put the whole sandwich together. That gives me the option of putting what I like the in the hamburger. Their fries are those simple ones and I don't think they prepared the fries themselves other than deep frying it. I finished the cheeseburger. I ate a few fries too, but I didn't want to finish the fries in one setting. I saved the fries for later and it got soggy. The fries lost a lot of its flavor after a while.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Grey

Yesterday night, I watched The Grey. I decided to show up to the 10:10 showing since I didn't want to sit around a lot of people and annoy them if I had to write during the film. However, there were more people than I expected for a late showing. Maybe it was because we were in the small room. It could have been because they are a fan of Liam Neeson. Perhaps, it was because it was the second day that the film was released.

I looked at a couple of trailers before watching the movie and thought there couldn't be any tobacco in the film, but there was tobacco. When Ottway (Liam Neeson) first entered into the room where all the other guys where you can immediately notice the type of people he is surrounded with. In that room, there were men fighting with each other, hanging out, and someone who smoked cigarettes while Ottway walked by. I was especially surprised when someone started smoking a cigarette after they were hunted by wolves. I mean, a lot of resources aren't available to them and they are out in the woods and someone has to bust out a cigarette out of somewhere. I did not know the name of the character who smoked until much later in the film. On IMDB, it says his name his Hendrick (Pete). However, later on in the film he reveals his real name to Diaz when Diaz decides to stay and enjoy the view. So, it was Pete who enjoyed puffs of cigarette with his buddies in a camp fire. Since he enjoyed cigarettes in that manner, he portrayed cigarettes as a way to provide him relaxation and to get rid of some tension.

I like how Ottway decided to collect the wallets of everyone that had one. I think that is a good way to help remember those who died or were murdered. It flowed with what happened in the movie and became a symbol in the movie.

This movie provided me an interest in wolves, such as how to avoid them and how they interact in case I ever get caught in a similar situation as Ottway. But, I think the film, African Cats got me more interested in animals and their behaviors. 

I heard someone say "oh really?" when the end showed. I understand what that person meant because I think things could have gotten more exciting in the film at that particular moment. But, I think the film ended in a way that makes sense. I agree with the ending because although it's not the way he wanted things to happen, it was a way to connect and remember something valuable about his past. I don't want to give out the details of what happened in the end though.

The movie went by pretty quickly for being a movie that is an 1 hour and 57 minutes long. After the movie, I walked out and I heard a few "good" comments and no other comments.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A busy, but good week

On Monday, I realized how behind I was in schoolwork, so I spent most of the day trying to catch up. I also had an intern meeting for Davis Feminist Film Festival (DFFF). It was nice since I got to meet the other interns and know more about the projects that DFFF was planning to do. I really want to write more about Monday, but I forgot what I did. I guess I should do a write up at the end of each day.

On Tuesday, I was going to do some reading before class started and I spotted one of my friends. She asked me if I wanted to go to the MU to get something to eat. I decided to go with her, but I didn't get anything to eat. I didn't want to eat anything since it was so close to my class time. My friend got a egg salad bagel and she let me try it. I like it! Afterwards, she went to visit her tai chi teacher and I just tagged alone. Her teacher was nice and said happy new year to us both. Also, Stephanie saw me and talked with me a bit. During class, my professor shows some pictures with his lectures and I think that really hopes bring some context to what he is saying.

On Wednesday, I woke up a little early and I made it to the MU to get a egg salad bagel. I didn't finish it though. So after my three hour class, I ate it before my second class began. When I went to my third class that day, I did not feel that tired. Actually, I think that I enjoy my third class, so maybe that's why I feel energetic in there. I had my internship meeting for APIA Searchlight Directory in the evening. There was a new person added to the marketing committee and it is a guy. Yay, for more diversity. The intern meeting was pretty fun. Oh and before the meeting, I just took pictures around the death star. It was pretty dark and my camcorder has bad lighting. I actually tried to make it look more visible by being near the light.

On Thursday, it was not that busy, except, having to go to Tower theater right after my class ended. I was really hungry, but I did not want to go later and wait for the next showing. That would have been inconvenient overall. The movie was what I expected, except for the cigars. After I came back home, I felt very exhausted and slept early.

Today, I had a meeting with my History adviser to petition to double major. I think that was really helpful since it helped me realize that I am closer to graduating than I thought. It helped clarified some things I was confused about. In other news, I got an email to pick up the Human Rights Journal that I submitted a poem for a couple of months ago. It's the first publication and I believe it is an annual journal.  I was excited! As I looked through the book, I noticed that there was only 10 contributors and I am one of them. I asked about how the journal was dispersed and the person was not sure, but said that contributors and faculty would be provided a copy of the journal. However, I was curious on how it would be distributed to students on campus or not.

I submitted 5 poems regarding human rights issues."Give me Water" was the piece that was chosen. My contribution was the shortest, as it was less than a page. As you can see in the description, the poems is about child labor and what conditions children have to go through just to finish a job.

I really wanted some ice cream today. I was craving Ben & Jerry's, so I went there. And, yes, I got chocolate. I usually don't give other flavors a chance.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I remembered watching the trailer for Carnage a couple of months ago. I didn't think that movie was exciting since it is just parents arguing with each other about their children.Then, the parents start to get angry with one another.

Although I wouldn't have chosen to watch Carnage, I just came back from watching that movie. I was actually suppose to watch that movie a couple of weeks ago, but it was not showing in the area. I think it was this week when they started to show the movie more widely. But, I still had to drive to Sacramento and go to Tower since that was the closest place that played the movie. The other place was in Roseville, which is much farther and I don't really know where the theater is that area.

After watching Carnage, the movie was what I expected. I really wanted the Cowens to leave the Longstreet home. Each time the Cowens tried to leave they were convinced to go back and for ridiculous reasons. I really hoped that they would leave the home, but I guess they were stuck there trying to resolve a problem or create more problems for themselves. Things seemed alright with the couples in the beginning of the film, then, after staying longer the couples became more frustrated with one another.

I reviewed the movie for volunteering. From what I had seen in the trailers, I didn't think there would be any tobacco, but there was and it was cigars. I did not seem that they were lighted though. The husband, Michael Longstreet (John C. Reily) actually offered cigars to the other husband, Alan Cowen (Christoph Waltz), but Cowen didn't take a cigar. After showing Cowen the cigars, Longstreet takes one and holds one around. But, he doesn't light the cigar. He puts it in his mouth and holds it like he wants to smoke it, but he doesn't smoke since his wife opposed smoking in the house. I don't understand his need for holding a cigar, but he does choose to hold it after things became stressful. I think he just wanted to use the cigar as a way to escape the negativity in the room since he seems to be a positive and humorous guy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Say NO to Food

What foods, desserts, or drinks do you say no to and why? By that I mean, saying no to a certain dish, cuisine, or a someone's cooking, etc. Well, sometimes I find myself saying no for various reasons.

I know many people like getting to the dessert part of the meal. But, sometimes that's the part of the meal I skip. It really depends on my mood or if I think I can consume the desserts. Last week, during a potluck reunion, apple pie was being given to everyone. But, I then realized that I couldn't consume it. I know it may not look like a lot, but I eat desserts differently than I eat foods. I take my time eating desserts to enjoy the taste and a small piece can take me forever to finish. So, a slice of pie isn't exactly for me. I tried eating other fruit pies, but I always stop myself from finishing it. Chicken pot pie, on the other hand is a different circumstance for me.

Sometimes, I see a microwavable good at the grocery store and I get excited to eat it and once I try it, I notice that the dish has a strong garlic flavor. Once I realize that the flavor of garlic is too unappetizing, I no longer want to eat the dish. It's actually kind of sad actually. I really have tried to eat some pasta or other dishes that are flavored with garlic, but I just cant stand it. In other words, I really cant stand most garlic dishes, but there are some exceptions.

I'm always looking forward to trying new cuisines. Most of the opportunities that I get to try other cuisines are either at restaurants or potlucks. And of course I prefer potlucks. I know some people who refuse to eat a certain cuisine, like Thai, Indian, or Japanese. I would ask why and a few times the response is "I never had it before". That is where I differ, what I don't know or haven't had is what I shouldn't avoid. It's what I want to explore and welcome to my taste bugs.

There are dishes that my parents or someone else would make and I would chose not to eat. I would take a look at it and decide if I want to eat it. By that I mean, is there a ingredient I cant stand? It is also based on what I have learned tastes good. Will this person make it as good as I like it?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

The New Year had already began. And, now it's Chinese New Year. For me, Chinese New Year has always been more exciting than New Years.
During the New Year, my mom makes and buy special foods. Zhong is one of them. For a lot of families, you have a big delicious feast during the New Year. I like that.
My mom is making zhong. She already made hers, but she is helping a relative. It's a lot of work to make zhong. As you can see you have to do a lot of preparations before you begin to wrap it. Wrapping zhong really isn't easy. You have to hold it tight enough not to let everything else fall off.
This is what we have to offer for Chinese New Years. This isn't for us, it's for our ancestors to enjoy. In that tray, there's all kind of snacks and candy. There's fruit roll up, Ferror Rocher, panda snacks, oranges, and more. I saw my mom dropped some Hershey's in there, but she took it out. I think it was because it had a black wrapping and I guess that's not good.
I always looked forward to Chinese New Year because of 红包 (red envelope)。It's exciting to see how much we would get each year. It's also nice because the red envelopes are how young ones get money. I got two when I was home on Sunday, so hopefully when I come home there will be more waiting for me.


I've known a few friends who went to Bambu before, so I wanted to try it out. It's right across from Lollicup. Bambu is a snack and drink place, but I think it's mostly a drink place. It serves boba drinks, coffee, smoothies, etc. It looks really nice inside. The people who work there are Vietnamese. They had Vietnamese television channel or show on while I was there.

The drinks here are more expensive than Lollicup. I ordered the honeydew milk tea with boba. It does taste like honeydew and milk tea, but I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I didn't finish my drink. I accidentally left it in Sacramento. My sister ordered some coffee drink and she think that it wasn't sweet enough, so she added more sweetener and sugar.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pho Anh Duc East West Cafe

My sisters wanted to eat pho, so I was okay with it and off we went to get pho. We wanted to try a new place, so we went to Pho Anh Duc East West Cafe restaurant on Stockton boulevard. I think it used to be Pho Trinh. That place is a family business. There were a few young ones on a laptop and older ones watching the football game. I noticed that one of our waitress there was someone I could have possibly known in high school, but didn't really talk to. At first, I didn't notice her until I looked her in the eye. 
You notice that extra small bowl there next to my baby sister? Well, she has a small extra bowl because we are sharing with her. We ordered extra noodles for her because I always think that there's not enough noodles in our bowls.

Pho Ga (chicken)
I always order the Pho Ga although I also like steak tenderloins and other meats. When I ordered here they gave me the choice of white or dark meat. I choose white meat because it's the better meat, especially with soup. The meat they give me here is different and it seemed old. Other places would give me chicken meat that might include the skin that is cut off a whole piece of chicken, so you know that chicken is fresh or not that old.
Seafood Soup
As you can notice the noodle is all stuck together or in one place in that bowl of soup. I guess they didn't want to spread out the noodles. Their noodles weren't the best, but it's pho.

Week in Review

Monday was Martin Luther King's Jr Day. There was no class, so two classes were not held. I did not do much that day except come back to Davis since I was in Sacramento for the weekend.

On Tuesday, I had my one class and a internship meeting. I helped entered more films into the database and entered all of the ones available. Did not do much this day, except tried to do most of my reading of the other day.

On Wednesday, I had a seminar at 9am and I set my alarm for it. But, my alarm did  not go off. Luckily, I heard one of my housemates getting ready to leave or such. I  a intern meeting for APIA. The day actually went by pretty quickly actually.

On Thursday, I was going to go to one of the meetings. But, it was raining, so I did not want to leave my apartment. I also think that I enjoy my religion class. At first I didn't think it would be interesting, but I really like the readings and discussions.

On Friday, I really didn't do much except went to class and tried to get all my books that I need this quarter.

On Saturday, I went to Redrum Burger. Then, I got ready to go back to Sacramento.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Redrum Burger

I had a craving for a hamburger this whole week. Today, I finally decided to get a burger. I also decided to go to a burger place that I havent been yet, so Redrum Burger was the choice. Redrum Burger was formerly known as Murder Burger. As you can notice redrum is murder spelled backwards.
Redrum Burger has its own parking lot and its right across from IN-N-OUT Burger. When I walked in I noticed that the place was smaller than I imagined. Also, the place seems like a spot that is popular with families or the older generation. 
You order the burgers by pound here. There's the 1/2, 1/3, annihilator, and a ostrich burger. I ordered the 1/3 pound burger combo.The combo comes with regular fries and a soda. I was going to order a Coke, but they didn't have it, so I chose Sierra Mist. The fries here are different from most other burger places. They didn't peel off all of the potato skin. I like that. I also like that their fries are skinner than most other places. Their condiments and utensil are easily visible and I grabbed a few extra mustard and ketchup.
When I unwrapped the burger, I immediately thought that it was a big size burger. Nonetheless, I ate it and finished the burger in one setting. Oh, and as you can see in the picture there's onions and I don't like onions. I forgot to tell them to not include it, but luckily it doesn't affect the flavor of the burger and I just took it off.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My 1st Visit to the Student Community Center

Patio View from the SCC
The Student Community Center (SCC) opened up in the beginning of this quarter, but I made my first visit to the center today. My classes and the memorial union (MU) are on the other side of campus, so I do not need to go around the area. It's one of the new buildings on my campus that I am quite happy about. I thought this place was going to open after I graduated, but I am glad that it opened up for me to enjoy it for at least two quarters. It also means that The Lounge will be held at the center instead of a classroom building. I think that is more convenient.

Inside view of stairs and study/eat area

There is a lot of important resources for students inside the center. There's the Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC), the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center (LGBTRC), the computer labs, and more study space. I am glad that there are more study spaces. I think that is definitely needed. I also noticed some meetings rooms and a multi-purpose room.

Patio view of campus
I really like that this building has a patio. I think I am going to try to eat some of my meals there, so I can look at the sight too and less people will be around. That reminds me actually, I think the MU has a patio, but I havent ate there either. I guess that's one another thing I would have to do before I graduate.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Study Abroad Potluck Reunion

I had a potluck reunion for my 2010 study abroad group in Hangzhou, China yesterday. I planned the event, but I was more excited to see those familiar faces again. A couple of hours before the event I had no idea what I would bring or if I would make anything. I decided to go to the supermarket to see what they have. When I first walked in I noticed the bakery items; then, the hot foods that are ready to eat, and then chips and candy. I walked around for a bit. I was so close to buying the marinated chicken since all I would have to do is turn them around until they are done.Then, I had the idea of making spaghetti. I dont know how to make a lot of food actually, but spaghetti is something me and most of my family members knows how to make. I did not know how much of the spaghetti people were going to eat, but I bought one of those party trays. I bought double of everything except for the ground beef, but after I made the dish I realized that I should have bought another one of that too. After I finished making the dish I had to quickly get ready to pick up three other people. However, one of them didnt need a ride there, but only back. After I finished picking up the two people, I received a phone call and was going to ignore it because I was driving. But, I told one of my friends to answer the phone and it turns out that someone needs a ride in Sacramento.

When we arrived at Professor Burnett's place.Three of the other students were there and didnt start eating yet. Soon, the other guest arrived and we began eating. While we ate we caught up with each other. It was nice actually. I enjoyed some of the food that the others brought. For dessert, someone brought apple pie, but I am actually not a fan of fruit pies, so I did not want to eat anyone of the pie. Before we left, we helped Professor Burnett with cleaning up a bit. I got someone to bring home the tray of spaghetti I made. We also had a group hug before everyone left!

When I was taking a few of my classmate back home we had a pretty interesting conversation. I also visited one of their apartments and tried out the "game chair". The "game chair" is this chair in which you sit and you could feel the vibe of it through the chair. Its nice because it can feel like a massage and goes with the beats of the song.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


There was a time period in which I was really into IN-N-OUT. I was willing to walk across Davis just to get a sandwich and/or fries from there. I dont why, but I had a serious craving for the food. I particularly wanted a sandwich from there. I wanted their fries. I wanted the specific taste and feeling of eating those certain foods from IN-N-OUT. I think I must have went to IN-N-OUT very close to 10 times. That is a crazy amount for me. Luckily, I do not still have a fascination with IN-N-OUT. I am glad that I can enjoy the food there every once in a while instead of a frequent craving.

Although there is one picture shown in this post, there should be much more! I know that I went there more than once. I wanted to show more pictures to show how much I craved it, but I could not find them. I guess there is a bad side of taking too many pictures that I dont know where anything is located.

Friday, January 13, 2012

My First Week of Winter Quarter

School came by so quickly. I definitely was not prepared. On Monday, I thought that my class was at 1:00pm, but I double checked ahead of time and realized that it was at 12pm. Luckily, I did not miss out going to my first class. Afterwards, I had a internship meeting for Davis Feminist Film Festival (DFFF). The internship supervisor went through a review and showed me some of my duties. It also included being in charge of the email. I then began working on the database and filing the dvds. After an hour, we discussed meeting times and internship units. Later, I left and got ready to head out to my volunteer meeting for TUTD. When I got there, there was pizza offered and it seemed very busy since we had much to do that day. We were choosing the winners for the Hackademy awards! I also got a hoodie that night because I reviewed 5+ movies or so? I was assigned to watch Contraband that night and I was excited to watch a movie nonetheless.

This day was much less stressful. I decided to drop that one class that I did not have a change getting into. Instead, I met with my adviser to check my major requirements. Then, it was time to attend class. During class, the professor did not go through the syllabus as much as I expected. I signed up to learn more about Students First and the meeting was that night. I am glad that I went. StudentsFirst sounds like something I really support and I am glad to hear that they are hiring!


I tried to sleep early the night before this day because I knew that I had a three hour seminar ahead of me. I never had a class that long before. When the time for the seminar arrived it was not that bad. Maybe next time it will go on slower or I will be very prepared that it will go on quickly. This is also my busy day and I had two other classes. After my courses I tried to relax a bit. I had a sudden craving for a cookie, so I had that with milk. Gosh, that is such a good combination. I had a internship meeting that night for APIA Searchlight. I thought I knew exactly where the place was, but there was actually two lounges. Luckily, me and the other person that was lost found the place. The co-editors fed us and we also had the opportunity to mingles with the other interns. Judging from who was present, the interns seem to be entirely female.That is a good thing, but I also enjoy the presence of the other gender. Our committees were also revealed that night through which color Starburst our cupcakes had. And, I am part of the marketing committee, so I believed I got the first committee that I applied for. We played a game and it was actually pretty fun. We tried to steal keys from a blind taxi driver and then the driver had to guess who stole the keys.

I think I got in the hang of classes by now. I also met with my peer adviser for ASA. I realized that I have to petition to double major and for something else. I also got more books. And, boy are my books are heavy! I did not even buy all of them too! I skipped a meeting and I am glad that I did. It gave me opportunity to focus on one of the readings that I had.

Two classes today and they went by pretty quickly, despite me being exhausted for some reason. For dinner, me and my housemate went to Manna Korean restaurant. Then, we looked for the lotion that my housemate needed at Bath & Body Works, but they did not have it in stores. We went to watch Contraband. It was a really long movie.

Manna Korean BBQ

Today, me and my roommate decided to go to Manna Korean BBQ. This Korean place is less likely to be occupied by students than Oshio's. This place offers other selections that Oshio's does not have, especially the BBQ choices. However, if I was really in the mood for Korean BBQ I would go to OZ since its BBQ buffet.

I was so close to ordering wine at this place. But then, I remembered that I was going to watch a film afterward and I was reviewing it too. I was also going to drive later. I ended ordering just the lemonade.
 The side orders that they gave us seemed alright. I actually would try every single side dish that was given. Usually, I would not want any of them. But, as I am exposed to other foods and give it more of a try, I realized that the side dishes are okay. With my meal, it added a feeling that my main dish was much better and that I still have something else to eat.
I was given one small bowl of rice. I didnt know if I was going to get a extra one or not, but that whole bowl of rice lasted me with the meat I had. Maybe its the way I strategically eat knowing that I only had one bowl of rice and I must use that amount to finish the BBQ short ribs.
Spicy Cold noodles
 My housemate ordered the Spicy Cold noodles I believe. She did not think it was spicy, but she presumed to eat her noodles. Her noodles looked red, but I guess thats just from the spicy sauce. Her dish actually looked delicious.
Yup, that's my short rib. When the server came with the short ribs, it was still sizzling. I love that! It feels exciting when you know that your meat is still cooking. The short ribs tasted alright. I actually expected it too taste better because it came out sizzling.It looks a lot in first sight, but as I continued to eat along it did not seem like enough and I finished.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I have volunteered at several places. I was really active in doing so during my sophomore year of university. I had one summer in which my intent was to volunteer and offer my services to as many volunteer places as possible. But, as I started to take on other opportunities and fulfilled more coursework, I found less time and room to volunteer. I am glad that I had the opportunity to volunteer at various places.There's something you can learn from each volunteer place, from what you do, through mentoring, and with those you interact with.

When I first started volunteering I didnt know much volunteer opportunities besides what I heard from other people. During that one summer I was serious about volunteering I decided to find out more information about volunteering and applied to a couple of places. I started by searching in Google with something along with lines of "volunteer in Sacramento". I am looking at it right now and there is already some locations that are popular and are in need of volunteers. Among the volunteer places are Loaves and Fishes, City of Sacramento, and Kaiser. If I were to think of places that are in need of volunteers off the top of my head it would be food banks, hospitals, parks, and schools.

I discovered the Volunteer Center of Sacramento website during my volunteer search. The website offers a search engine for volunteer opportunities in Sacramento that can be broken down by region, ongoing or one time opportunities, and under age 18. I actually had a lot of fun with it. Usually, I would find out about volunteer opportunities through word of mouth or through a first page look at Google. I believed that I applied to about 15 volunteer places through Volunteer Center of Sacramento. One of them might have included walking around with seniors. One of them is a volunteer place I still volunteer at today. I received less than 5 responses. And, not all the responses came by too quickly either.
Now that I think about it, applying to volunteer for places sounds like applying for jobs. But, there is a difference. When you apply for volunteering you usually fill out a application, go through fingerprinting, and/or attend an orientation. That is, that's all you really need to do to be accepted into most volunteer positions. There's no debating about whether you are best for the job or who the other candidates are. Anyone can do it. You can volunteer at many places. You dont have to do it part-time or full-time. There are places that you can volunteer at for about 2 hours a week or even once in your lifetime. I look at job applications now and think I really dont know how to do some of the stuff. Through volunteering you are expected to provide your time (once you have given it) and not always expected to know everything off the bat and they dont mind teaching you something you dont have experience in.

It was through volunteering that I learned more about myself. I like to be more committed in one position and not just do something once and not ever go back to it again. That's why I dont like those positions where you go help out runs, food banks, or such for one day and its over with. There's not much room for making connections if its just a day or two. You cant work on a project that you are passionate about. There is not enough time to learn something you dont know and be able to provide service for some place that you want to volunteer for. There is not much time to enjoy the volunteer opportunity since one day volunteering are usually busy. Another thing is that I want to broaden more of what I want to know and do, which would eventually be beneficial for members of my community.

Although I volunteered for many places I am going to list a few volunteer opportunities.

1) Botanical Conservatory

I found out about the Botanical Conservatory through Davis Wiki. I wanted to volunteer there because I wanted to work at a greenhouse. My major coming into university was Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry, but I quickly found out it was not for me. I really do like just going into a greenhouse pruning, transplanting, taking out dead leaves or whatever because it makes me feel good and smile. Its an environment that has helped to release stress during hard times of the quarter. Also, I got to see and learn more about the plants. Ernesto and the rest of the people who work and volunteer there are pretty cool.

2) Women's Resources and Research Center (WRRC)

I like the WRRC. I am glad that we have it on campus and the other centers. I also volunteered for two other centers, SAFE program as part of the Student Recruitment and Retention Center and the LGBTRC. I like the small library that you can sleep and eat in. I like that you can buy books and read in the reading room since there are comfy chairs in there. I like the people there. I totally support the WRRC, which is why I volunteered here for over a year. It was through my involvement with the WRRC that I learned more about the center. I also made friends with people involved in the center. I was able to help in the office or library.

3) Thumbs up! Thumbs Down! (TUTD)

TUTD is the only place that I still volunteer at and wont be able to do so for much longer. Only youth up to the age of 22 can volunteer. I found this wonderful opportunity through one of the volunteer search engines.Through this volunteer opportunity I became more aware of the presence of tobacco in films and how it influences my peers. Before volunteering at TUTD I wouldnt watch movies, but now I am growing close to watching 100 movies in my life and the majority of them are in theaters. I also like that we get to vote for the Thumbs up and Thumbs down movie/actresses for the Hackademy and volunteer to make it happen. I use to take the bus for 1 hour just to attend the monthly meetings and I am still glad to be a volunteer for TUTD.

4) Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services (SFBFS)

SFBFS is one of those places that I have only volunteered at for one summer and want to volunteer at longer. This place actually feeds there volunteers and I really like the food that they provide for us. It was through volunteering at SFBFS that I learned about services that are provided for the needy or homeless community. I am glad that a place this exists for those in need. I remembered that during my orientation for SFBFS, Robin said that we were one of the biggest groups of volunteer to come by and she asked some of us why we volunteered. I remembered someone saying it was because of Michelle Obama and I thought of how influential she was to encourage people to volunteer.

Monday, January 9, 2012

My First Visit to Wing Stop

Before I began winter quarter, me and my cousin went to Wing Stop after a day of potlucking and going to Target. We weren't really hungry, but we wanted to do something and Wing Stop was one of those places that was open late. Although Wing Stop is open late, it was the only space that was open in the plaza. I didn't know it at first, but in order to enter the building you had to be buzzed in. I'm glad that they have that, it makes it much safer.

Teriyaki boneless wings
Since it was my first time there I was not sure what to order. I stuck with a sauce that I thought would be good and got honey BBQ (I believe) and my cousin ordered teriyaki sauce. I really didn't like the teriyaki sauce. I tried one and I didn't want anymore. Good thing they also gave us ranch. I guess ranch can go with more food than I thought. My mind wasn't thinking at the moment and I got boneless wings. After eating the wings I realized that we should have gotten wings with bones because those usually taste better and with those you usually know its from a chicken and not processed however many times.

BBQ boneless wings
We had 10 wings total. I probably had like 3 or 4 and I let my cousin have the rest. But, she couldn't finish it all. She left one piece behind. Oh, and we also shared drinks while we were there. They have a advanced soda machine that I really like and kind of want to play with. I really like Fanta Fruit Punch soda. It's tasty.
Fanta Fruit Punch soda

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fuji's Sushi Buffet

 Today, I went to Fuji's Sushi buffet. It was not crowded when we walked in. I ordered a coke when I usually didnt, but I am glad I did. It helps me put the food into my system. I immediately looked for sushi with shrimp, but I couldnt find anything I really wanted. I did not end up eating much. Fuji's usually offer common items and no specials, so its hard to find anything that I wanted. I think it was the less amount of sushi I have eaten at a sushi place.