Saturday, December 3, 2011

Top Ten Reasons for My Procastination

Finals week is coming up. Yet, I havent moved out of my chair out to be academically productive. So, I am just going to list reasons why I am procrastinating. Some of them are damn right silly. Others make sense. In other words, its my excuses.

1. I dont have a exam until Tuesday.
2. Its Saturday morning.
3. Im too full.
4. I still have time to do it.
5. Im not in the studying mood.
6. It doesnt look too appealing.
7. When you save room to relax, you will think better later.
8. You have to do other things in life, rather than school.
9. I already handled 10 weeks of the quarter. Why not relax for a day?
10. I am getting sleepy. Really sleepy.

I know I am making these excuses now. But, I will get studying and work done before finals. This is just to humor myself and encourage myself to get work done sooner than usual.

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