Saturday, December 3, 2011

Starting to run

Today, I actually woke up early. Earlier than any other time period. I prepared and went off to work. Work went by faster than I expected. Afterwards, I went to Target. I brought my gift card with me. I thought to myself I was only going to buy the necessary items. I looked for items on clearance in the bra and workout clothes section, but most of the stuff wasnt in my size or style. But, I ended up with a workout tank top with a bra. I think that was my favorite item out of all the other items I purchased today. I got some makeup because I want to learn how to apply it since I am rather clueless about it. I bought eyeliner and eye shadow. but I forgot to get the brush. I will have to get the brush next time. I also bought my lil a present. I hope she likes it. I was so close to buying Christmas wrapping paper. It was $9.00. I realized it wasnt worth it because the wrapping paper wasnt thick. Also, I already had ribbons and such at home. Oh well, its really the thought that matters. When I checked out, I went over the gift card limit, so I had to pay about $8.00. After I went shopping at Target. I realized how much I am behind. But, I feel motivated and ready to prep for finals!

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