Saturday, December 31, 2011

Siam Restaurant

I been to Siam's a couple of times and I really like this place. I always enjoy their food. And, they give me and my other eating buddies enough to eat for a good price. When I go to a Thai place, I usually want to order a noodle dish, whether that is pad thai, drunken noodles, or trying out a new one. I like curry too, but sometimes I am the only one out of my buddies that wants it. I like going out with people who knows something about food that I dont, especially dishes I have not tried. Tonight, I tried the chili chicken and the beef salad. I think both are delicious. I also really like Thai tea.This place has thai tea, but no refills for the drink.

I think the parking lot for this place is small, but every time that I have been to Siam's I have managed to find a parking spot. Also, I never had to wait in a line to dine in.

During my visit at Siam's yesterday, two events happened. One was that my glasses broke and I became frightened because I could not drive without them on. Good thing my friend help drive me back and put the glasses in a stable position at the moment. The other was that after a few minutes of sitting down, my brother walked in. That was so unexpected. I did not know he was going to go there too.

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