Sunday, December 25, 2011

OZ Korean BBQ

Today is Christmas. It really didnt feel like it though. This was one Christmas that we did not set up our fake Christmas tree, so there was no lights, ornaments, or presents under the tree. We did have cookies, however. My younger sister wanted to do something today. We didnt know which businesses were open, but I knew someone who was going to OZ Korean BBQ today and we both havent been there yet, so we wanted to try it out. I looked up the location on the map and it looked pretty far, but when I drove to OZ it was actually pretty quick. I think that whenever I drive to places, it doesnt seem as far because I am the one who does the driving. When we got there we decided to have the All-You-Cant eat special, which was around $19 a person. The appetizers came by and they were sort of different than what other Korean restaurants gave me. Next, the meat came by and there was five different types. There was also tomato and onions you could put on the grill, but I was only in the mood for meat. And, I am not a fan of onions. The meat was pretty good, but we had a hard time finishing it all and there was still some meat left when were finished eating.

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