Monday, December 12, 2011

My favorite snacks

I am a university student. There have been times in my university career that I have snacked too often. Sometimes a snack was my meal. But, usually when I do snack, I snack on my favorites.

In no particular order, my favorite snacks include:

I love these crackers not because they taste like cheese, but also its fun to eat. I think my favorite flavor of CHEEZ-IT is Parmesan. 

2. Sunflower seeds
Its healthy. I like opening up sunflower seeds. The ones that are already open do not taste the same and certainly does not provide you the same experience. The only problem with it is that I sometimes make a mess because the seeds occasionally end up on the ground instead of the bowl.

3. Chips
I often have a hard time choosing between Lays or Ruffles. I usually base my decision on my craving or whichever is on sale. I like the flavors sour cream & onion and ranch. Pringles have always been fun to eat since its less messy and heyy its eating chips that are organized in a can! Ever since I was young I loved the pizza flavor.

4. Cookies
Instead of buying coffee at Starbucks or whatever coffee shop I happened to stop buy at I buy desserts, newspapers, or hot chocolate. Cookie is the most likely item I would get for dessert. My favorite flavors are chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, and shortbread. I like those cookies that are the same size as the Uncle Jr. Cookies and those usually end up tasting better for some reason. Cookies are usually a dollar or over. I think the best cheapest cookie that I found was a $1 at Village Bakery. Years ago, I remembered this coffee shop sold the most delicious shortbread cookies and I loved them and they stopped selling them :(.

5. Apples
I prefer apples that are a solid color--either red or green. I think those taste better although I am finding myself to like the mixed colors more. Eating a apple is a fun experience because I usually start with the intention of finishing the whole thing. While I am biting into them I think "hmmm or ommm" and plan out my next bites. 

6. Oranges
Those small oranges that you can easily peel are great. Their easy to open and oranges allows you to do something with your hands. And, oranges are a yummy substitute for water when you feel thirsty and want to bite on something instead.

7. Pretzels
I like both the soft and hard ones. I have the hard, small ones the most because they are the ones that are usually sold in stores.This year, I found out that they sell the soft pretzels inside one of the mini shops in the MU and I became very excited. The hard, small ones are pretty fun to eat because I look at it and think which part I should bite first, next, and repeat.

8. Candy
Snickers, Twix and Dove bars are candies that I have bought when I felt hungry in between classes. Those bars have provided me with energy and with good chocolate and unique taste that each bar is made for. They also have chocolate in those bars.

9. Peanuts
The small size easily makes it snackable and its a healthy selection. I like the flavor of it and I do not mind tasting it over and over.

10. Muffins
I just find it nurturing to have a muffin with milk every once in a while. Since I like chocolate, I would most likely choose that flavor. During my second year of university, one of my housemates introduced me to poppy seed muffins and because of that I try those every once in a while.

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