Sunday, December 4, 2011

My experience at Cafe Italia

Pink Lemonade
I been wanting Italian food for a while. I have not had it in a few months besides pizza. I just came back from Cafe Italia and I am so full. That had to be my most expensive meal this whole quarter. But, it was also the meal that both an appetizers and dessert was ordered along with the main dish. I was so close to ordering a wine or some other alcoholic drink tonight. But, I stopped myself. So, I guess after finals I will have alcohol. Oh, and I might actually be able to go to my first bar during the break? That would be exciting because I
Mozzarella sticks with ranch and marina sauce
 had not ordered alcoholic drinks before. So, instead of a wine I got myself a pink lemonade. It was much more sour than I expected. But, I still found myself to finish one glass of pink lemonade. I was brought another cup of pink lemonade, but I could barely handle it. I wonder. I think that I drank a lot in the beginning because I was hungry and just wanted something in my system until the food came. We ordered mozzarella sticks for appetizers. It was very tasty and light. I kind of wish they gave us more in the order since I was in the mood for them. When I though of ordering mozzarella sticks all I could think about was how delicious it would be to have it with the marina
Chicken Fettuccine
Garlic bread (missing two pieces ;D)
sauce. When we got the mozzarella sticks I also tried the sticks with ranch and I love it with ranch. The sticks tasted much better than the marina sauce. The size of the mozzarella sticks actually reminded of how big sausages are. Now, it reminds me of how much I love eating sausages. Another reminder that it provides me is how much I want to try the sausage in Austria. While we waited for our dishes to arrive, we started drawing on the tables. Yes, that is one of the reasons why I enjoy dining at Cafe Italia and what makes it different. Its decorated very beautifully inside. About everywhere I turned there was a poster or a sign. The only one I really remember is the one with Marilyn Monroe. Its kind of dark in there too. But, not as dark as it was at Sophias. There was a light for each table. I like that there was light. But, I dont like it when light is so close to you that you could reach it. Something just doesnt seem so right about that. When our orders arrived it also came with the garlic bread. I though that they were only going to give us one piece of garlic bread each. But actually we ended up
getting 4 pieces of garlic bread. I love garlic
bread even though I dont always like garlic. I like my housemate because she is one of the few people who actually remember what I like or dont like. For others, I have been with them for a while or I mentioned to them before of what I dislike or like, yet they tend to forget. The garlic bread at Cafe Italia was delicious. Ah. I dont know if it was the best one I ever had, but definitely delicious and something I would want again. I think the best garlic bread that I had so far is the one from Village Pizza&Grill. That place offered me a garlic bread that definitely exceeded my expectations. Every bite was just melt in my mouth and the pizza was delicious as expected. My housemate ordered the ka-boom pasta and she wanted it to be extra spicy. And, I ordered the chicken fettuccine. When we got our orders, my housemates ka-boom didnt look spicy at all, so she asked for spicy sauce. She was able to get a Tabasco sauce and some chili pepper. My order was also suppose to be spicy, but I dont think it was spicy. I saw
Tiramisu and whipped ream. oranges are already devoured
the chili pepper in my pasta, but it didnt really made me think that the dish was spicy. Is it me or some peoples definition of spicy are not the same? What I expect from spicy food is that when you eat it you automatically think that its spicy with no doubt in your mind. It becomes part of your eating experience when you can feel the taste in your mouth. After eating about halfway in my chicken fettuccine pasta, I realized that I was getting full. But, I wanted to know how much more I can eat. I suddenly realized that I couldnt eat anymore and that dessert was coming and the dessert is tiramisu. Tiramisu is one of my most favorite desserts ever. I started loving it when I first tried it in high school. I had a few bites of tiramisu, but I really couldnt handle more. I let my housemate finish it. Overall, I think that the meal we had was good and filling. It made me very sleepy after I ate it.

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