Saturday, December 31, 2011

Favorite Eateries of 2011

Its not a surprise that I love food. I have had amazing experiences and been to many restaurants this year, but I am going to focus mostly on new eateries and places that have fed me well. During the summer, I realized how much I love finding the best places for foods, especially, if it is a good price or amount of food. I always had the fascination of knowing more about places. Maybe its my way to remember a place or its because I am always looking to explore and making an unfamiliar territory into something I understand. I like trying new delicious foods from restaurants. I mean...who doesn't?

I love Pizza Rock on K Street in Downtown Sacramento. Absolutely delicious! And, Pizza Rock gave me a new experience of pizza.

Pizza @ Pizza Rock

I also discovered Cafe Soleil. Definitely my favorite place to get a sandwich in Downtown. I discovered this place on accident when I was looking for a different restaurant. I noticed a line and automatically thought I am going there instead.
Pastrami Sandwich @ Cafe Soleil
I do not remember the name of the food truck? at the moment or if it even has a name, but I do know that they sell chicken over rice, lamb over rice, and chicken sandwich, and a few more items that comes with a drink. They have a food truck outside the silo on UC Davis. I also seen them at the McKinley park near the pond and at Caesar Chavez park during the Farmers market in the summer. I like eating their chicken over rice and chicken. I use to order the chicken sandwich, but its a little messy for me. At times when I am really hungry I would think of a place that was close enough, was decent price, and would fill me up, and my mind would think of this food truck many of those times.
Chicken over Rice @Food truck???
I have not forgotten how much I love pizza since I have been in university. I still have occasional cravings for it and when I do I go to Village Bakery.

A slice of cheese pizza @ Village Bakery
Slice of pepperoni pizza @ Village Bakery
I remembered one night my friends wanted to go out for sushi and was about to go to Fuji's in Downtown. However, there was not a Fuji's in Downtown Sacramento. We looked up sushi places and was going to go to Mikuni's. But, we saw a different Japanese place called Azukar. It is a buffet too, except you order what you think you might want instead of picking it up in the sushi boat line. I actually prefer this kind of buffet. I like the sushi they have there and that its not the typical sushi you can find at Fuji's or Davis Sushi place.

Sushi @ Azukar

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