Monday, December 12, 2011

A day with two of my siblings.

Today, I went to Golden Palace and ate dim sum with my brother and sister. But, it was busy today and we had to wait a bit. When I walked in I noticed that we saw some relatives and we went to say hi. Afterward, we waited about 10 minutes until we actually had a table. We got chrysanthemum tea. We ordered the usual. I do not know the English names of what we got though. Since it was busy today, the serves were not attentive. We had to ask for water when we usually would get that with the tea. Also, the food seemed drier or
Chicken paws
older than usual. I think that is strange
because I would expect food to be more fresh and for them to run out. Instead, there seemed to be a lot of dishes available. Also, the shrimp noodle didnt have enough sauce as usual and we had to ask for it since the carts did not have any. Afterwards, my brother stopped by a tennis shop to try out some tennis racquets. Then, we headed over to the ice skating place called Iceland. Its actually in a hard to find spot, but it turned out there was a lot of people there. The ice skating rink was definitely over skated. I am not sure how often they cleaned the rink, but it was obvious that many people have skate on it. But, I was even more
 surprised about the price to just ice skate. It was $15 for the three of us, so $5 dollars each. That was the cheapest I ever paid for ice skating. There was a lot of people there, but not everyone skated. There were many people who did not skate. Some were standing around and just slowly moving around. I thought that I would fall a couple of times since I have not skated in years. I almost did a couple of times, but I did not. It was pretty fun, yet we only ended
up skating for about an hour and a half. I dropped my sister off at Arden mall and my brother went to Barnes & Nobles and read for a while. I helped my mom out for an hour and picked up my brother, so we could watch A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas in 3D. I actually really like the 3D animation in this movie. I think that 3D movies are improving. In the beginning of the film there was a lot of weed shown and Kumar smoked out of it. And, since the film was in 3D, many of the smoking scenes were popping out and blown to the audience. I really didnt like that part and I never did like smoke of any sort being blown to me. There was also ecstasy and cocaine. I dont like how the film referred to the experience of smoking and getting high as a fun experience. There was too much of it and it looked like something that was fun to do. I really dont like that. I am glad that the film is rated R because the film really shouldnt be seen by young children because I do not want them to look at tobacco and receive positive about of it. In the film, weed and drugs provided the characters with problems, but in the end that is what brought them together and gave them a good time. In fact, in the end of the film, there is a scene with Harold and Kumar and they are sharing a weed. Later, on me and my siblings decided to go to Target. At Target, we spent a long time at the board game section. Me and my siblings really do enjoy playing board games with one another. Target had a much more interesting game board collection that the last time I checked. I tried looking for checkers, but there was only checkers with chess. But, we already had chess. The Mario Kart chess set. I havent played it yet, but I am excited too! When we left Target we ended up buying the game bezzerwizzer. It looks fun! We havent played it yet, but it looks promising!

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