Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cookies Drive-In

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich
The sandwich I shared w/my sister
BBQ Bacon Hamburger
I really like eating at Cookies. Its a local fast food drive in. My mother use to work here when I was a child. The place is owned and manage by Chinese people. There was a time period when I went there often and the owner remembered me. When I go to Cookies, I usually order the grilled chicken breast sandwich. During one of the first times that I had the sandwich I thought it was purely delicious. I like everything that they put in the sandwich. Usually I am not a fan of pickles, but I like how it goes well the sandwich. I also like their bun. It is soft and its not the same as other buns from other fast food places. Another things about chicken sandwiches is that they usually dont come with onions and neither does this sandwich. This is one the few chicken sandwich that gives me enough mayonnaise or whatever that white sauce is. And, I like that since I dont like onions on my sandwiches. I remembered that I would occasionally come here with my sister and we would share the grilled chicken breast sandwich with each other. But, once we started eating it, we both realized that we wanted the whole sandwich for ourselves.
Besides grilled chicken breast sandwich, I have ordered other items on the menu. I have ordered their BBQ Bacon Hamburger and I like it. Not just because the sandwich has bacon, but also because its good. They actually have a really interesting and reasonably priced menu. Cookies has ostrich burger, zucchini sticks, and corn dogs. There are times when I am thinking I wish this fast food joint had something different or unique and thats what Cookies has managed to provide. I havent had the nerve to try the ostrich burger yet, maybe one day. I like that you could sit inside or on one of the stools outside. When I go to Cookies, I notice that it is popular among the older crowd and not just appealing to young ones.

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  1. I noticed Cookies when I was at HeavenLy's Yogurt. Very deceiving name it seems!