Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tower Cafe And Sophia's Thai Restaurant

Tower plaza
Today, I went to Tower Cafe. I noticed that they were fixing their sign. I think before it was quite faded and you could barely notice the Tower sign. They made it more red and noticable. I been wanting to try the Madame Cristo for a while and I was finally able to. So, the Madame Cristo is a french toast sandwich with ham and a egg on top of it. On the side, there is potato, but it totally tastes like french fries. Usually, I dont like onions with it, but damn how Tower makes it tastes like french fries I really dont mind. I just put the onion on the side of the plate. The plate does not seem much, but I had a half of the Madame Cristo sandwich and I was already full. It can actually be quite filling. Before, I went to Tower Cafe and ordered a french toast and shared it with my sister. And, both of us could barely even handle one piece of french toast. It looks real light and like garlic bread, which is appetizing. But, their french toast is kind of heavy. Maybe its because I am one of those people who are light on desserts and can only handle a little at a time. Okay. I must admit that I just dont like their water. Once I noticed that I became too full to handle anymore of their food, I just drank their green tea.
Madame Cristo
I have to say that drinking tea again today made me realize how much I love drinking tea. I dont understand why there arent many teahouses here like there are in Japan or China. Tea just makes you feel so good and go "ahh". I had three refills of hot water with their green tea. I honestly wanted to get more refills, but I was going to see a movie afterwards. While I was enjoying the hot tea, I noticed how the desserts that the cafe had in display. Some of them looked quite appetizing. Some look quite pricy. I saw gold on some of them, but it looks rather delicious. I also noticed that I was the youngest person in there. Everybody else seem to be around middle age. After eating, I went next door to watch a movie. Again, I noticed that I was the youngest person in line. Everybody else was probably middle aged or seniors. I guess that is the usual crowd for the Tower plaza. After watching the movie, "My week with Marilyn" I learned a lot about her. I didnt know that she was a actress. I also learned more of what other people thought of her. It was really interesting. There was tobacco in the beginning of the movie and as it moved towards the end there was less showings of tobacco.
The Mee Room (blurry because its dark and my video camera has no light)
 Later, I came back to Davis. I went out with my housemate and she decided that she wanted to Thai food, especially some Thai tea. I suggested Sophia's Thai place because there is free refills on Thai tea. We showed up at Sophia's and there is a wait of 30 minutes. We were given the "machine?" that would notify us of the wait. We went out of the area and into Bath & Body works to make up for time. After passing a couple of businesses, the "buzzer?" made some beeping noise and kept repeating something for about 5 minutes. It stopped after a while. We came back around 30 minutes and still ended waiting for about 10 minutes. We were finally seated in the Mee Room? Its the room that you get to sit on cushions. It was much darker than I remembered at Sophias. Maybe its because I usually go their around the
Beef Pad thai
afternoon or so. The darkly atmosphere made me and my housemate very tired. I ordered the pad thai and my housemate ordered the drunken noodles. It wasnt as good as I remembered it. I think the first time that I went there it was quite delicious. It might have just been tonight that things taste differently. I got full real quick. I dont know what it was. It might have been the dark environment. It could have been that Madame Cristo that I had for brunch. Whatever it was it stopped me from eating halfway through the pad thai. Its been four hours since I ate that thai food and I am still full. I guess I got my
Shrimp drunken noodles
moneys worth. Afterwards, I went late night grocery shopping at Savemart supermarkets. It was the emptiest that I have seen it. I guess it was also the latest time that I have been grocery shopping there. I spent around $25. I usually dont spend that much when I go grocery shopping. Actually, its because I have a big problem. Most of my life my family or other people have usually done the cooking for me. All I had to worry about was getting snacks or drinks. And, I have no problem buying those. In fact, those are the items that are most easy for me to pick out. At times, I tell myself that I am only going to get food. I might end up with microwavable products. Sometimes, I might walk down the aisles only to have nothing in my grocery bag. University has taught me to become more independent that I have to take care of myself more. I need to learn to shop for meals instead of snacks. Buying groceries for meals has been a big problem for me and I hope to break that struggle soon. It might not be while I am in college, but hopefully when I am in my mid 20s.

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