Friday, December 9, 2011

First, Ali Baba's. Later, Pho Bac Hoa Viet!

I finished my last final of the quarter today. But, before that happened I decided to get some energy by eating a hamburger. I got a hamburger at Ali Baba's. It was good. Most of the time I like their hamburgers, except for this one time. While I eat it the melt, parts of the hamburger also drip or fall. I kind of like that eating experience. I just like eating hamburgers. Its one type of food that keeps me full for a couple of hours and I am pretty satisfied with my portions.
Pho Ga (Chicken)
When it came time for dinner I just didnt want to cook anything. I really wanted to eat something warm, so I had pho! Before I ordered I ask the difference between the sizes that they had for pho and they said that they gave more meat and noodles. I been to Pho Bac Hoa Viet before and it seems that no matter what size I order I am never please with the amount of noodles I have. Actually I think its every pho place that I go to. I dont care about the size of the bowl. I care that they give me more of what I want, which is more noodles and less soup. When I finished eating there was almost to no more noodle except for those itty bitty ones that are barely even noticable and some green onion. But, also the bowl was still more than halfway full of the soup. I barely drank it because all I wanted from it was its warmness and the noodle and chicken. Im curious to try the new pho place that will open in Davis. Maybe they will be the place that will be generous in noodles?

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