Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 is Memorable

There are many reasons why 2011 are memorable for me. I am going to list a few.

1. Back to blogging more actively.

2. I had my first internship!

3. I began my first job!

4. I had my first exciting Spring break in the SoCal area.

5. I interacted so much more on twitter.

6. I began a google+ account.

7. It was this year that I learned how to drive on the freeway.

8. I made a Stumbleupon account and it has introduced me to some good reads or websites of interest.

9. I realized that I like editing movies, audio, or writing. And, want to gain more experience in final cut pro, HTML, and all those other good stuff.

10.I had Shingles.

11. I was so close to getting a Iphone. But, glad that I bought a new phone with much less limitations than the one I had before.

12. I believe I finished my major in Asian American Studies and my minor in Native American Studies. Now, I just have my History major to finish during the summer :)!

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