Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things can change.

Today, I received two bad news at the same time. I didnt pass a writing exam and I did not get a board member position. I was really upset, especially when I found out at the same time. I thought that I was going to be sad the whole day. But then, I received a phone call from an unknown place. I answered it and it was from one of the places that I applied to be an intern. She asked me if I was still interested and wanted to go to an interview. My mood picked up really quickly. I think its a wonderful opportunity. Im so surprised that it was not taken before.

Class was interesting today. We had a guest lecture and she was very informative about the ICWA. And, I am going to be writing about that for my paper! When I came back home I found out that the contest that I entered decided to give everyone who entered books. I was surprised and glad that I still tried despite that the contest might have already awarded winners. In a few weeks, I will be receiving the book Carrying the One and I am excited although I have no idea what the book is about.

I also went to my last volunteer session of pedestrian/bike observing and recording. Im glad that I get reimbursed for it. The other volunteers that I have met are civil engineering majors or other hard sciences major. I am the only soft major. Oh well, I always like to try new things and get rewarded in the process.

I have been doing it. Going to the gym atleast over 2 times a week. It feels good. I am definitely more motivated now.

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