Tuesday, November 22, 2011

If I dont find a job right after college.

Ever since I learned that I am living in a time period where jobs are hard to go by, I am thinking of ways to make myself more competitive and secure once I graduate. Although I will still apply for jobs, my status as unemployed allows room for me to expand my resume and go on with other tasks.

If I dont get a job I will...

1.Learn how to be a bartender.
2.Take classes at community college or maybe even online?
3.Take on a internship.
4.Find a graduate program of interest and apply.
5.Apply to get on a reality show!
6.Go on a vacation.
7.Learn how to play the piano or other instrument.
8.Develop a weirdly useful hobby.
9.Write and finish a book!
10.Volunteer more in the community
11.Be part a advisory or local board.
12. Learn CPR.
13. Learn how to work Adobe Creative Suite.
14. Learn how to navigate Final Cut Pro.
15. Learn HTML, CSS.

I think more will be added once I think of them.

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