Tuesday, November 22, 2011

If I dont find a job right after college.

Ever since I learned that I am living in a time period where jobs are hard to go by, I am thinking of ways to make myself more competitive and secure once I graduate. Although I will still apply for jobs, my status as unemployed allows room for me to expand my resume and go on with other tasks.

If I dont get a job I will...

1.Learn how to be a bartender.
2.Take classes at community college or maybe even online?
3.Take on a internship.
4.Find a graduate program of interest and apply.
5.Apply to get on a reality show!
6.Go on a vacation.
7.Learn how to play the piano or other instrument.
8.Develop a weirdly useful hobby.
9.Write and finish a book!
10.Volunteer more in the community
11.Be part a advisory or local board.
12. Learn CPR.
13. Learn how to work Adobe Creative Suite.
14. Learn how to navigate Final Cut Pro.
15. Learn HTML, CSS.

I think more will be added once I think of them.

Battling Perceptions

Most of my life I was aware that people had certain perceptions and expectations of who I am. Some were angry when I did something that was beyond who they thought I was. But, I dont want to be known as this typical stereotype. Most of them have only see me in one sphere, light, and/or experience. I am aware of that, which is why I am always open to understanding people better, as well as thinking of other possibilities. However, in the process of understanding people, I gather information to understand others and tend to be observant. I love the uniqueness of a person. That is something that no other person will be able to provide. Through discovering a uniqueness of a person, you realize something that you havent before. It may make you smile, frustrated, or confused, but at least you will understand the person for who that person is.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things can change.

Today, I received two bad news at the same time. I didnt pass a writing exam and I did not get a board member position. I was really upset, especially when I found out at the same time. I thought that I was going to be sad the whole day. But then, I received a phone call from an unknown place. I answered it and it was from one of the places that I applied to be an intern. She asked me if I was still interested and wanted to go to an interview. My mood picked up really quickly. I think its a wonderful opportunity. Im so surprised that it was not taken before.

Class was interesting today. We had a guest lecture and she was very informative about the ICWA. And, I am going to be writing about that for my paper! When I came back home I found out that the contest that I entered decided to give everyone who entered books. I was surprised and glad that I still tried despite that the contest might have already awarded winners. In a few weeks, I will be receiving the book Carrying the One and I am excited although I have no idea what the book is about.

I also went to my last volunteer session of pedestrian/bike observing and recording. Im glad that I get reimbursed for it. The other volunteers that I have met are civil engineering majors or other hard sciences major. I am the only soft major. Oh well, I always like to try new things and get rewarded in the process.

I have been doing it. Going to the gym atleast over 2 times a week. It feels good. I am definitely more motivated now.