Friday, October 7, 2011

Finding the energy within

School began a while back and I already feel that the workload is getting too heavy. However, I still managed to find the time to go on twitter every night. I also think that I am addicted to checking my email and going on Facebook. I dont know which one I check more. Good thing is I am easy to keep in touch with!

I am so happy that I have my internship with Etiquette with Style and able to work with Ms. Addie. She is a very nice lady and I really want to help her out as much as possible. We have been meeting for about once a week and I think I can make room for another internship. I applied for a internship at the American Lung Association, but I was not awarded the internship position. Nonetheless, I will definitely be looking out for opportunities. I have already started my job search and I think its scary since there are not a lot of jobs that I qualify before because I dont have much experience or skills they desire. I am very much worried about that and I am relieved that I am starting my job search early.

Oh, and I have also been going to the ARC this week. Not as much as I wanted to because I have been busy. But, since I have been going I been playing really fun sports. I played ping pong, racquetball, and badminton!

So there is my internship, working out and academic work... I know that I must find balance in order to be able to relax and not stress out that much. I also need to keep in mind that I should reward myself every now and then. Because when things get hard it is nice to know that something will lighten up your day.

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