Sunday, October 9, 2011

Still time left

Since yesterday was super stressful and busy, I relaxed today. I think I relaxed a bit too much though. I still have lots of reading too or I will tomorrow! Well, class didnt start yet and I still have all those hours to do it.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

So much to do

Today, I really wanted to go to the bike auction and set my alarm to around 7. But, the thing is I suddenly woke up around 8ish and I rushed to go for the viewing part of the auction. The auction was really exciting. I wish I knew what bikes were good, so I could have auctioned for better products. I bought two bikes. But, they definitely need to be repaired. But, I think thats expensive. I am looking around for the cheapest places. Since the bikes needed to be repaired, I ended up dragging or walking them to my apartment. Luckily, it was right across the street from the auction. But, the heavier bike was so hard to move. It was also very hot. I am glad that I had the strength to do it. But, it made me sweat a lot.

Afterwards, I went to my old apartment to see if Alina was there. I knocked 6 times and she finally opened the door. I talked to her and she gave me the check. Then, I offered her a ride to the supermarket. I am glad I handled that situation well and that we are cool with each other.

I was really tired by late afternoon because all of that I had to do. I hadnt ate since last night and there was still more for me to do. I decided to go get boba at The Old Teahouse, which isnt the best place, but its decent. I also choose to ate Ohana's Hawaiian BBQ. I ate so quickly that I thought I was going to choke and it really did look like I was stuffing my mouth with food.

I didnt get to do any schoolwork yet, but I still have tomorrow to accomplish that. Im glad that today was atleast accomplishing!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Finding the energy within

School began a while back and I already feel that the workload is getting too heavy. However, I still managed to find the time to go on twitter every night. I also think that I am addicted to checking my email and going on Facebook. I dont know which one I check more. Good thing is I am easy to keep in touch with!

I am so happy that I have my internship with Etiquette with Style and able to work with Ms. Addie. She is a very nice lady and I really want to help her out as much as possible. We have been meeting for about once a week and I think I can make room for another internship. I applied for a internship at the American Lung Association, but I was not awarded the internship position. Nonetheless, I will definitely be looking out for opportunities. I have already started my job search and I think its scary since there are not a lot of jobs that I qualify before because I dont have much experience or skills they desire. I am very much worried about that and I am relieved that I am starting my job search early.

Oh, and I have also been going to the ARC this week. Not as much as I wanted to because I have been busy. But, since I have been going I been playing really fun sports. I played ping pong, racquetball, and badminton!

So there is my internship, working out and academic work... I know that I must find balance in order to be able to relax and not stress out that much. I also need to keep in mind that I should reward myself every now and then. Because when things get hard it is nice to know that something will lighten up your day.