Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What if...

I always had a attraction towards Europe. When I was younger, I loved learning about Roman and Greek history. You know the medieval history about princes and princesses, Plato, Hercules, and so on. I wanted so badly to go to Italy. I love Italian food. I always thought it was delicious and I still think that about the food. Pizza is still my favorite food although sandwiches are closely tying it. Zoom in to today, I am still into Europe. However, I have more interest in Germany and Austria. I have to admit its because I think that german speaking men are quite attractive. I also think that they are charming and I think it is quite amusing that they can be shy towards women. I really want to go there and explore myself. Not just to be around the men, but also because there is so much that I want to learn and enjoy. Some many possibilities and sights that I havent even heard of but is calling my name. Ever since I was young I love learning about what I didnt know and going out to explore. I hated staying in the same place and going through the same situations. I find it dull. I guess thats why I can stay in the same position when I am sitting. I guess that is because I like walking around a foreign country, while being fully aware that I can be lost at any moment and that I did not master the language. I have always dislike being a weak and dependent person and exploring and getting to know things have always been in my favor. It doesnt matter if I go through it alone. So, what if I want to explore the world on my own? What if I want to move to a foreign country and be a english teacher? What if I want to marry someone who was not a American?

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