Friday, August 12, 2011

My First Internship

I been meaning to write about my internship for a while, actually when I first started. But, I am now halfway towards my end date. I really like interning! I cant believe I spent my past three years being focused on doing volunteer work. I find internships more rewarding because I actually get to work on projects and not just do menial tasks. I find it very helpful and that my internship is really helping me being introduced into the work world. I like my internship at the California Research Bureau. I cannot believe that I have my own office. I always thought that I would start off in a cubicle. Then again, there isnt a lot of employees because of budget cuts. It is quiet everyday, yet chill. I like being supplied with every office utensil I can think of and using their resources to work on my projects. Everyone in the office is very nice. My supervisor is really chill and friendly. I like the projects that I am working on and I am really learning alot. I get to do tasks that I did not think I could do before. I had to make some calls and its not bad to talk to someone; rather, the problem is getting the information that I need. I really do think that I will miss interning!

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