Friday, August 19, 2011

I always wanted to be a author.

Ever since I was young I really wanted to be a author. I wanted to write stories that ignite passion in people. I want people to know about stories I have to tell. I like messing with words and put them together in such a way to tell a story. Since I am a introvert I have a lot of secrets and I really think that writing is the best way to get my ideas across. I wont give up on this aspiration. I want to get started already. I just have to get through this exam and paper!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What if...

I always had a attraction towards Europe. When I was younger, I loved learning about Roman and Greek history. You know the medieval history about princes and princesses, Plato, Hercules, and so on. I wanted so badly to go to Italy. I love Italian food. I always thought it was delicious and I still think that about the food. Pizza is still my favorite food although sandwiches are closely tying it. Zoom in to today, I am still into Europe. However, I have more interest in Germany and Austria. I have to admit its because I think that german speaking men are quite attractive. I also think that they are charming and I think it is quite amusing that they can be shy towards women. I really want to go there and explore myself. Not just to be around the men, but also because there is so much that I want to learn and enjoy. Some many possibilities and sights that I havent even heard of but is calling my name. Ever since I was young I love learning about what I didnt know and going out to explore. I hated staying in the same place and going through the same situations. I find it dull. I guess thats why I can stay in the same position when I am sitting. I guess that is because I like walking around a foreign country, while being fully aware that I can be lost at any moment and that I did not master the language. I have always dislike being a weak and dependent person and exploring and getting to know things have always been in my favor. It doesnt matter if I go through it alone. So, what if I want to explore the world on my own? What if I want to move to a foreign country and be a english teacher? What if I want to marry someone who was not a American?

Six pack?

I think I want to workout and watch what I eat because I want to show off my six pack. I dont know why, but I really want to do this. I am going to live across from the gym this academic year and I want to go very often and work my butt off, so my six pack will start showing. Not only will that show my mom, but it will also look great on me. People definitely wont think that I am fat anymore. I wonder how long it would take. I am hoping a couple months if I just work out. I just want to show my mom that I am not fat and I am capable.

Almost there

Pressure is on. Less than a week! In less than a week, I will finish my 5 page paper. In a less than a week, I am suppose to understand enough of politics to take my exam. In less than a week I will be editing and completed with my 12 page paper. In less than a week, I will take a essay exam that am scared for and will not be prepared. I need time and energy to be on side as I only need to keep up for this week for this summer.

Friday, August 12, 2011

My First Internship

I been meaning to write about my internship for a while, actually when I first started. But, I am now halfway towards my end date. I really like interning! I cant believe I spent my past three years being focused on doing volunteer work. I find internships more rewarding because I actually get to work on projects and not just do menial tasks. I find it very helpful and that my internship is really helping me being introduced into the work world. I like my internship at the California Research Bureau. I cannot believe that I have my own office. I always thought that I would start off in a cubicle. Then again, there isnt a lot of employees because of budget cuts. It is quiet everyday, yet chill. I like being supplied with every office utensil I can think of and using their resources to work on my projects. Everyone in the office is very nice. My supervisor is really chill and friendly. I like the projects that I am working on and I am really learning alot. I get to do tasks that I did not think I could do before. I had to make some calls and its not bad to talk to someone; rather, the problem is getting the information that I need. I really do think that I will miss interning!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

It is August!

I cant believe it. Its already August and a few days already past. And, that I have a 12 page paper due in abour 48 hours or so. Well, it is a rough draft and I could do less pages, but I want to do well so I dont have to work on it later. I will update more soon!