Friday, June 10, 2011

Why I should have a Iphone!!!

I really want a Iphone! So, I quickly made up 11 reasons. 

1) I can participate in social media with it, such as four square, twitter, facebook, so it prepares us for jobs that may require us to be into social media and have a reliable phone
2) a reliable phone to call friends, family, and other people and vice versa
-so we can call each other in case we need a ride or emergency; when we go out and want to reach one another; instantly contact each other and know what is going on (and not throwing it on the floor and not caring about it) instead of being behind and ignoring people because part of being successful is having connections with other people and improves our communication skills
- friends, jobs, businesses or whatever can contact about projects, sports, field trips or such and have a number to put down on applications
3) can legitlly text people. Japanese, Chinese, Canadian, Swedish all text and is expected in those countries and especially this one. and can always send text messages and quickly as well instead of having to wait 30 seconds or worrying if it has connection! also, my school has a program that sends me warnme messages if there is something dangerous.
4) ipod as well so could listen to music and application
5) emergency flashlight, camera, stopwatch, timer, alarm, calculator, watch
6) GPS & Tracking
7) you can have your notes, calendar, planner in one object that has other multiple uses
8) do not have to worry about hogging up the landline or with so much minutes because of unlimited texting and family can call for free
9) all our phones are broken and retarded
10) the battery should last longer, its a better size and better looking, and core features are much nicer and have improved throughout the years
11) we shouldnt be behind, we have to keep up too! and its embarassing not have one, especially not a legit one!

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