Saturday, May 28, 2011

Do you remember?

Today, I woke up and noticed some of my middle school things. I noticed a portfolio that I had did for my 8th grade year. It included some of my favorite work. I was so honest in what I thought about it about my work, classes, and teachers. It totally made me laugh. I did not even remember some of the things that I had did. I noticed that I wrote that "I will never forget about the assembles," but I did forget. And, I no longer think it is important. Gosh, people really do change and forget some stuff over time. I guess in the same sense that I sort of matured and changed since then. I was also happy that I kept that until today, it brough my laughs and good memories from middle school that I didnt think that I had so much of.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Uncertainities about health

From my curent health conflicts this quarter, I am more curious to learn about health issues and how to be a healthier and safer person. About a month ago, I thought that I got a flu one day or that my allergies was so bad. The next day I felt fine, but there was the most the left side of my hip irritated me very much. I thought that it was the tag on the left side of my top. But, I wore that top many times before and it did not irritate me. The next day, the left side of the hip continue to be irritating and by the next day a rash had developed. At first I did not think much of it. But, the next day bumps started to form out of my rash and it started to get more irritating and it did not go away. I, then, began to get worried and wondered how I could have received the rash. I told some of my friends and family members and they thought that it was something that I ate. But, I thought otherwise and really thought it was some other reason. I felt so awkward to have the rash. When I showered, I was hesistant to touch it because it was so awkward. It was such a weird feeling of touching it when I showered and I did not want to cause any pain to myself. About a week of the rash I decided to go to the doctor and see what it may be. I went in and the doctor explained to me that it might be either shingles (which is like having chicken pox the second time around) or poison ivy. She was not sure, so she had it tested and said that it is better to take care of it like it was a virus. I was worried and hope that it would not get worse. She made me feel better when she said that it would not last long and that before she finds out what she is it should be drying up. So, I went on taking care of it and had occasional irritating moments. I no longer wanted to wear jeans because it was sort of tight around that area. I ended up wearing a dress for the first time at school and I like it. I would like to wear dresses more often. Soon after, I found out that it was indeed shingles and by that time it was drying up. I was curious of how I could have got shingles. I  did not see anyone or notice anyone who had exposed me to it again. It also caused me to be wary of my health. There are things that I do not take much notice of but I should.