Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wrapping up in LA

On my last day in SoCal, me and friend decided to go to Hollywood. We took the bus and it was around a 45 minute ride. When we got there, Hollywood was much smaller than anticipated and the streets were dirty. The shops there were also expensive for my taste and did not offer the best selections from the stores that I  usually go to. 

We came back to LA pretty early. Chen wanted to look for cup noodles at Ralph's but they did not have them. We also explored other supermarkets. I decided to get something to drink at one of them since it would be cheaper there. I also bought Chipotle for dinner, so we would not have to go out later in case it rained. Oh, and I also tried Diddy Riese, which is a place that sells Cookie and Ice cream sandwiches.

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