Sunday, April 3, 2011

The weekend before the beginning of a new quarter

On Saturday, I packed and left. The luggage that I had to bring back was so heavy and I did not have one of those rolly bags. Next time I go traveling, I must bring one of those with me because they make life easier. On our way to the Flyaway station Chen bought some sandwiches to eat later. She waited for the bus to came and we both left the station. Upon arriving LAX, I ate my apple and thought that would be enough for me. But 30 minutes later, I was so hungry. I went to the McDonalds and bought a McChicken and fries and finished those pretty quickly. The flight back to SAC was not long, then again I was really tired. When I got back I waited for the 42B bus to drop my stuff in Davis While I was waiting it was sprinkling a little. Once I got back to my apartment I was excited that I no longer had to carry the heavy luggage. And that I was going to give Emily the gift I had from Socal. But first, I had to take the 42B again to go to DT where my mom would pick me up. When I got in the car my baby sister handed me a card that she drew and there were hearts all over it. In return, I gave her a Hello Kitty Lunch box. We were both content. When I got home I was really tired but talked to my siblings for a while before deciding to lay down. I was about to fall asleep until Cindy called me and Brandon for a game of Apples to Apples. The game was quite fun and we ended up laying about 4-5 rounds before going to sleep. Then, it was Sunday. I did not prepare much for school, but I worked a bit on some projects that I had been meaning to work on.

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