Saturday, April 30, 2011

Three in a week

This week alone I have watched three different movies in theaters in Davis.

I watched African Cats by myself on Monday. I was really surprised that I was the only one in theater watching African Cats. I thought that it would be difficult to achieve this goal so soon. But hey, one of my lifetime goals of having a theater all to myself is completed! I was able to sit anywhere I wanted and enjoyed the theater all to myself. Although the movie focused on felines, there were several exciting moments in the film. When I left the movie, I came out with a new perspective on wildlife. I learned more about lions and cheetahs. I find it interesting how they are different. Hmm... I think I would be a cheetah if I were to be a animal. Just because I believe I am independent and can teach things that I am a expert at to others.

I watched Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil with my housemate, Nancy, since she wanted to see a 3D movie and that was the only one available last night. Again, we were the only ones in theater. When we got in the theater, Nancy wanted to get popcorn and she bought the large size. It was $7.00, so expensive for popcorn. Since it was a 3D movie we had to wear glasses during the film. It was annoying at first, like always, but I got used to wearing the 3D glasses as the movie continued. There were some funny parts of the movie, but I wished there were more entertaining part of the movie.

Today, I watched Fast 5. Oh, and I scored free small popcorn for being a regal card member. Boy, does it pay of to be a member or to have more cards and use them consistently. I cant wait to score a free movie or soda soon. I found the beginning of the movie to be intriguing. I wished I would have watched all the Fast and Furious movies. I watched one or two before, but I dont really remember much, except for the characters. I was hoping that I got to see some races with the nice looking cars here, rather than the cop cars chasing them. Well, they did have a couple of races in the film, which managed to touch on my desire to see thrilling races. I cant wait for the next movie in the series to come out.

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