Monday, April 11, 2011

A sadness approached me

Today, I was reading a couple of the blogs that I subscribe to on google reader. I caught myself reading about blogs from German and Swedish Expats. Then , I remember that I follow a Swedish language or culture blog, which I then had the desire to read it. As I read the blog, I got excited to learn more about Swedish culture and German cultue. But, a sadness approached me. I was not going to go to Sweden or Germany this year. I would not be attending the study abroad program I applied for in Sweden. I felt so sad. I would not be embracing Swedish culture. I would not be able to familiarize myself with certain characteristics that I have been learning. Ah, my desire to go Europe is even stronger now. I want to visit family that I have there. I want to see the architecture and notice the differences of the countries with my perspective. I want to be able to blog about life there. I want to take photographs and so much more. Then again, if I want those things to happen, I have to take charge and get sponsored or find my own ways to be financially secured. Hm.. I think I should start thinking of a way to accomplish that.

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