Friday, April 8, 2011

The Joy of Discoveries

As part of my curious nature, I often wonder about things and play around with things that illuminate a interest in me. From that interest, I occasionally make new discoveries about somethings or people.
I am a slow person when it comes to finding out about new things about technology, but once I get to know something I learn something fast. The other day I found out that there was a task section for my email! Now, I am currently using it. And, a couple of months ago I learned that I could make my own labels in my email. I have one for events, schoolwork, volunteering, and work. It helps to keep my email organized, so I dont have to go scavening for a email that I want to read.
I like finding out shortcuts for transportation because it saves me to time. I also like exploring new routes because I like to check out views. Some people hate doing so many turns when driving, but when I am used to the area I do whatever turns and such because there are certains places that I like to drive by.
Yay, I wonder what I am going to discover next.

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