Sunday, April 10, 2011

I cant look at it the same anymore.

Ever since I was young I loved eating out. However, whenever we ate out it would either be at Chinese restaurants or Fast food places. At the Chinese restaurants, there were certain dishes that I loved. First, it was fried rice. Then, it was chow mein or chow fun. However, as the years passed by and had to help my parents out at the Chinese restaurant I began to withdraw from these foods. I no longer eat those kinds of dishes and have not ate those dishes in a while. Whenever I work at the restaurant, I make myself noodle soup or eat something else. I no longer find these foods appetizing. Maybe its consuming it too much over the years. Maybe seeing how its made. Maybe its growing interest in other dishes that are less Americanized. Today, I was looking at a Chinese menu and debated to myself of what I should order. I ended up ordering dumpling soup. I like eating dumplings. That is my #1 dish to order when I go to Chinese restaurants now. I am so thankful for that Davis has The Dumpling House. The dumplings are delicious and remind me of some that I have ate in China. I still find myself loving dim sum. I still order my favorites to this day. I dont know how to spell the dishes, but if you have had them before you will most likely know what I am talking about-- Siew mai, Haak gook, and more.

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