Saturday, April 16, 2011

Awaiting an arrival

Today, I had a optometry appointment at 9am in the morning. It was really hard for me to get up, but I have been waiting for this appointment for over 2 months now. I was going to get my eyes checked to see how my vision is going. Also, whether or not I would need new glasses based on my checkup. During my appointment, my optometrist was very kind and asked me what school I was going to and where I was studying. After hearing my major he gave me about three lectures relating to my major and really tried to evoke me to ask questions in class and think about what happened in history. I was excited to hear that an optometrist had such interest in history and wanted to think. I also asked me about the benefits of wearing sunglasses and he provided me an answer with view of how it could be both beneficial and bad for the eyes. But, he was more on the side that people should wear it when the sun was out. He told me that sunglasses help protect the eyes from UV rays.
My desire for going to this appointment is to get sunglasses. Sunglasses have sparked my interests for a while. I have seen people wear it a lot now that the sun has come out. I really dislike squinting when I am walking out in sunny areas and the glare that I see when I am driving. I am just so excited. I tried a couple of sunglasses on. Many of them look alike, but there is no other feeling that trying one out. Some that I tried on looked okay and some did not look as good on me as I hope it would. However, there was one pair that I picked up that I evoked a favorable impression in me. It just felt right that wear that pair and the others that I tried just did not feel that way. I also adore that the top edge on the sunglass had curves. It makes it look unique to other styles and more fitting to my style. Ouu, I just cant wait to wear it. After picking the Michael Kors sunglasses, the receptionist showed me a few shades that I could choose from. I asked her if my sunglasses would protect me against UV rays and from there she suggested that I should get my sunglasses poloarized. I did not know much about that, so I asked her. She showed me an image of what polarized sunglasses would provide, as well as some examples to help me visualize what I would expect. It was quite pricy for me to get the polarized addition to my sunglasses, but I eventually decided that I wanted it because I came here to get sunglasses to help me see better and be beneficial to my eyes and polarized sunglasses could help me achieve that.

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