Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fools

April Fools was a couple of days ago. No one tried to directly fool me. I had some friends who changed their relationships status on Facebook. Some actually were in a relationship while others were only using that as a April Fools joke. Hmm... maybe I should do a joke for next year.

Google did try to fool many internet users again. I remember last years was that google was changing its name to a city, Topeka. During that day I read the reason for google wanting to change its name to Topeka. It just sounded to ridiculous and suddent to be true. And, it was. This year the April Fool's joke was Gmail motion. I saw the video for it and it was quite hilarious. I also saw that it was trending on Google. Good work on fooling many people Google. What will you think of for next year?

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